So Long, Farewell…. For now.

Well folks, after three years of sharing my running and whatever random thoughts are in my head, I’m going to call it a day… For now. I took the site down for a week but have put it back up for sentimental reasons… and just in case. You never know when the muse may strike […]

London (Marathon) Baby!

I did it!! London Marathon – check! Blisters as big as my little toe – check! Inability to walk up/down stairs for three days – check! In short, it was a roaring success.   Not that it was easy. Oh no. It was one of the toughest runs I’ve done. But let’s start at the […]

Marathon Training: Then and Now

In a week’s time hopefully I’ll be feeling human again, and will be able to walk down the stairs without grimacing. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking!   Now that my training is over, all I can do is wait…. and obsess! With every twinge in my foot I’m plunged into a world where plantar faciitis strikes […]

London: Final Training

T minus 11 days til I’m lurking around the starting pens in Greenwich, trying to eat a banana and convince myself that I don’t need to pee again. Yesterday was my last long run before the event, so I am officially on The Taper!!!   Two weeks ago I managed my first proper long run, […]

Marathon Update – Finally!

Heyyyyyyy everyone! I blinked and another 6 weeks has passed. London is less than 40 days away (thanks to the London Marathon Facebook page and their helpful updates!), and I am feeling… petrified.   Training was going well for the rest of February. My mileage was increasing, and my long runs went from 6 miles […]

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