What I’m Loving Friday – 31/5/2013 (UK)

Hello from sunny England! No, seriously – I am sat outside in shorts and a t-shirt. I can hear the excited sounds of everyone in the country enjoying the weather with ice creams, cider, push bikes and BBQs.

Here is what I’m loving this week:IMG_1127

  • Asics Gel FujiAttack Trail shoes. I bought these before a particularly wet trail run last year, and they immediately fitted like gloves. They are so comfortable, have a cute little pocket to tuck your laces away, and have really good grip. These bad boys have seen me through mud, bogs, and in January, weeks of snow. I have the FujiAttack 1s, but you can get version 2 here. Now if only I can get that trail smell out of them….


  • Arrested Development! It’s back for a much-anticipated fourth series. I, like much of their not-so-underground fan base, have been hanging out to catch up with the Bluth family, and so far they are not disappointing!


  • Rockin’ Legs & Abs with Cleo the Hurricane. This DVD is more for my pole training, but is great at strengthening your glutes and adductors, and for stretching out your hamstrings. It also focuses on things for dancers such as splits. Be warned: it will kick your ass!
  • Pharrell Williams. I don’t know what’s happened but this month he has released two songs and I love them both: Get Lucky (ok, this is officially Daft Punk) and Blurred Lines. They are such great Summer tunes, and I feel like my street cred rises by 80% just by listening to them.

What are you loving this Friday?

Do you watch Arrested Development? Who’s your favourite?

– It has to be Gob or Buster….

What run are you doing this weekend?






What I’m Loving Friday – 31/05/2013

1. Marathon Nutrition Book:

I started reading “The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition” by Matt Fitzgerald a few days ago. The author is a really well respected sports nutritionist.

Marathon Nutrition

A core message is increase carbs and focus on the quality of your food. This all helps with avoiding the “wall”….so far so good! Will report back after I have finished it.




2. Recipes! I am planning to cook a dairy free lasagna on Sunday after the V Adventure Race. I am going to adapt it from an Oh She Glows but will add meat to satisfy the man. I think after my race and his XC MT Bike action a carb fest will be in order.


3. Country Road:  I want this coat so bad….well actually I want everything on this page so bad.

Country Road 1Country Road 2

It’s such a shame winter gear is so pricey and winter is so short here in Perth. I say winter….it’s still 16 degrees today. I promise it looks way better in person!



4.downton 3 I rented Downton Abbey Series 3 from the library – I am not ashamed to admit I love the library – and it’s really fun. A bit like Dynasty or something but the period drama aspect means I feel less trashy. I can’t stand Bates though…….he breaks my heart with his “woe is me” act. I won’t ruin anything and I am not finished it yet but I cannot believe they killed off……….


5. Long weekends! It’s a bank holiday weekend here so we have Monday off! The weather is getting colder so we plan on doing our respective sports – running and MT biking – and not much else!

What are you loving this Friday? Any races lined up? Can you help me find a cheaper coat????