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Living in Australia has many advantages – glorious weather, beautiful beaches and an amazing outdoor lifestyle. So I shouldn’t really complain. But I will; everything is a rip off here. In comparison to home anyway! I know we earn more here but we are still being ripped off! So when I found I was delighted. They have every lotion, potion, vitamin and pill you can possibly think of. Whatever protein powder, natural detergent, supplement you want they stock it and at a great price. I got a large parcel in the post yesterday so thought you might like to see what I order and what I rate.

Here is my sunny kitchen counter with 90% of the goods.


 On the left and far right are Method products – I love this brand. You can read more about them on their website but basically they are all natural cleaning products for you and your home. This time I bought

All Purpose Cleaner in both Grapefruit and Clementine


Laundry Detergent Refill

Smarty Tabs – dishwasher tablets

Spearmint Bathroom Cleaner

Basil Dishwash Liquid

A little goes a long way, they smell lovely and look cute on your countertop! But more importantly they are so gentle on your skin. I have psoriasis so tend to flare up to many products but never with these. And if I have to use traditional cleaning products at work, I come down with a massive sneezing fit!

Next over is Plantfusion protein powder – a vegan plant-based complete protein.protein

I bought a large tub of vanilla as I know this flavour is nice. I haven’t had the chocolate raspberry before so I only got a small tub. It’s good! I am trying to take protein shakes after a harder run so having a nice protein powder helps. The nutritional data is there on the left if you like that kind of thing. According to my husband it’s good!

Next over is beta-alanine powder. Both my husband and I use this before long training sessions. There is a whole lot of science behind it but the Cliffs notes version is that it delays muscle fatigue and increases recovery time. If I don’t take it for a while and then I do, I always feel great in those runs. Just a little less tired towards the end – everything helps!

I ordered 2 superfruit/supergreens supplements to give them a try – I’m a sucker for anything that will give me an edge! I have only started taking the Barleans Greens Superfruit 9.52oz (72dpi)Superfruit Greens one this week – you mix with water for a cordial style drink. It tastes nice but will need to report back later to see how it went. The other one is a Madre superfoods supplement. It’s going to be hard to see if they work but hopefully I will feel amazing soon. :) 

Madre also stock the cococardio – it was on special so I tried it. It’s a cocoa type drink for 30 calories…. It contains a range of antioxidant rich ingredients including cocoa, freeze-dried beetroot powder and hibiscus. You mix the powder with water to create a rich chocolate drink. Chocolate drink + 30 calories + antioxidants = win.

I bought some Alter Eco chocolate as well – I don’t do (much) dairy. almond

I got the dark almond flavour and it’s lovely – not as sweet and sugary as a Twix. But that’s not a bad thing! They have loads of other flavours I will try next time. It’s not cheap at $3.50 for a bar but is a nice treat.


Oh wait – I bought two supplements. This is probably one of my worst habits – buying supplements and being too lazy to use them! I see them there on my kitchen counter and think ‘oh, I couldn’t be bothered”…I’m a dope. Anyway, to add to my ever-expanding repertoire I got Spirulina and Glucosamine.

spirulina Spirulina needs no introduction! Apparently it’s just magic in a bottle! Great for energy and immune system. Coming into my next marathon training program I want to make sure I am doing everything to stay healthy and energised! The reviews on this one are amazing so bring on the vitality!



Glucomasine is used by the body to support healthy joint structures. gluco I am taking it every day to support my joints whilst in training. It’s meant to be great for knee pain and things like that. It’s funny, in the reviews loads of people give it to their dogs! Not sure if that is a good or bad thing! I also take magnesium for my muscles.

So, there you have it. What I spend my hard-earned money on – magic potions and cleaning products! The glamorous life I lead!

Gilly P 



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