No need for sleeves or stockings

Ok, I need a dress for a wedding. Wait, that is not entirely accurate. I am going to a wedding in 6 months and am at alone and tired after a long run. So that obviously translates to looking at ASOS. It will be a summer wedding in Perth so no need for sleeves or stockings. Horray!!

Am I too old / chesty for this one. I have a feeling it may be aimed at flat chested teenagers who like selfies. 

Dress 1


Next – I like this one as it is tight and short…..but maybe I am too old for it now? And I wore a blue sparkly dress to the last wedding with this crew.

dress 4

dress 3








This one appeals as I never wear full length dresses and feel as a married lady I should grow up and start dressing like one. Have a look at the video to get the full effect.

dress bdress a








This is one of my favourite cos it’s short and tight! I totally just realised I had the same reason for liking #2….the shame.

dress c


And this would be fab – but maybe the wrong colour for my colouring? Which is “irish”….dress d

So which one will I get? What other websites do you use to buy party frocks? Remember I am tight so anything flash will be wasted on me. :)

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