And so it begins….

As I am starting my marathon program on Monday this week was pretty light on training. I started out the week last Sunday with the V Adventure race and rounded it out with 3 additional sessions – long intervals on Tuesday, short intervals on Thursday and a semi long run on Saturday. It’s hard to gauge by the paces on Strava (I use strava to record my runs – it’s like an interactive training diary and you can add pals!) as I leave it run for the rest periods and the WUWD….if you look at my page you can see more detail.



I run with a lovely club here in Perth – BT Run Club. The coach is a great person as well as being a gifted runner. Not only has he had amazing international success he was sponsored by Nike!!! Which is supercoolanddeadly in my book! I think I am the only runner who likes to run in Nikes! We train as a club 3 times a week and he also does personalised programs if you want more attention and focus. In my quest to set a PB for my upcoming marathon I decided to have him do up a program for me.

After our Saturday runs everyone, regardless of distance, meets back in his house for protein shakes, coffee – he used to own a coffee shop so has a professional machine! – and of course lots of running talk. He gave me my program on Saturday and it was so exciting! He had it in a box for me with loads of swag inside!

Such a neat way to present it and I was so excited. Until I saw the actual program. Oh my it is intense! 18 weeks + 5 days a week + quick paced interval sessions = a very tired gilly! He has my marathon pace at 4.48 which equates to a 3.22 marathon…WTF!!!!! I can’t imagine running 42km @ 4.48! Hopefully the plan will work!

Do you ever use the McMillian calculator to estimate times? I spend so much time playing around with it so see what my pace needs to be for every possible finish time! It’s addictive! It also lets you see where you are – so if you did a 10km 3 weeks ago it can predict what a realistic finish would be for you in a bunch of different race times. So based on me doing a 10km at 4.24 m/km I should finish my marathon in 3.18!!! Maybe take it with a pinch of salt cos that ain’t happening anytime soon!

I prefer to use a more similar race – so use a 1/2 to predict a full. Based on my 1/2 time it thinks I should do the full in 3.26 which is more realistic. Or does that mean I didn’t give my last 1/2 marathon everything I have???? See – it will drive you mad!


It also gives you the pace bands for your training sessions which is great if you don’t have  a coach!


My week starts tomorrow with Monday being a “core day” – so no running! Awesome…I like this program! 😉 After that I am running all week besides a rest day on Friday. He gave me a core dvd as part of my pack and this is something I don’t want to scrimp on. I have such a week core….my lower back gets sore after a few weeks of hard running which is a tell tale sign.

Which leads me into what are my goals for this 18 week program? I like goals – if you couldn’t tell by my doing a marathon!

  1. Core work – 3 times a week. I really really need this to be a priority.
  2. Foam Roll & Leg exercises – every night. It only takes like 15 minutes and I can do in front of the tv.
  3. Protein shake after my hard sessions – intervals and runs over 15km
  4. Actually take my supplements…not just line them up beside the sink. I take magnesium, glucosamine and spirulina in the morning and a prenatal multi vitamin at night….I am not trying to get pregnant! It just has a great mix of iron, zinc and B Vitamins that a lot of other multi vitamins don’t have.

I’ll check back in at the end of the week to let you know I am still alive!

Gilly P

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