Confessions and Considerations

I have a confession to make. On Friday – when I said I was going out for Hill running  – I picked up the Dr from work, and we went and had pizza for dinner instead. All is not lost, though, I went on Saturday morning. Durham is fairly hilly, and so I don’t have to run far before I’m tackling an incline! The sun was out and I could see the Cathedral just sitting on top of its hill overseeing everything.



I ran up two hills two times each, with recovery as I ran back down them. The distance was further than I thought: 6.7km at a pace of 5:07 per km. I entertained myself as I ran by trying to race the pedestrians – if I saw them on the way up I wanted to see them on the way down. It was fun – something I might do just to pass the time….

After the run, the Dr and I went to the coast. The sun lulled us into a false sense of security, and when we got there in our swimmers and shorts we remembered we are in the North East of England, not the South East of Australia. But that didn’t stop us from getting out picnic on, or the Dr from getting his paddling on.


Since last week’s boat trip was such a success, I decided to trade our car in for a boat of our own.

Our foray into sailing was very short lived: it turns out boats need a lot of upkeep.

Our foray into sailing was very short lived: it turns out keeping a boat is hard.

Today Gilly P was doing her best to convince me to do a marathon at the end of the year. I really like the idea, but I find it really hard to fit dancing and running and work (I travel with work frequently) as it is – but is that a good enough reason not to do it?

Hmmmmm… lots to think about*……


*In addition to considering whether to run a marathon, I’m also considering Nietzsche’s theory of perspectivism, a solution for Syria and whether Richard Branson’s plan to get Justin Bieber into space doesn’t have some darker side to it…..It’s a busy time for me.

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