Awesome gifts for Men

I am one of those sad saps that start planning gifts for my husband months out from Christmas and his birthday. His birthday is August 1st so given it is 6 weeks away I am actually a bit behind in getting something together.

We said this year we would do no big gifts as we bought a house but he went big for my birthday so I have to come up with the goods! So what do you get the fussiest boy in the world who only ever wants new bikes?

Bits and pieces and a big gift! We always do a few little gifts – it’s always fun to unwrap lots of things and there is only the 2 of us!

So this is what I have so far as ideas…..any suggestions welcome.

 How cool is this! I only have 3 songs so far though as apparently my taste in music is crap. Ellie will be my go to music guru to fill this up!



He has probably read maybe 10% of the books I have ever bought him…. but you have to get a book on your birthday! I think I am onto a winner here though as it is short stories. And hopefully scary.

I love these kinds of presents! I will most likely steal this to be honest. Cos I am a nerd.


  • Apple TV – I kind of want this myself too…is that fair? But TV is so bad these days it would be great to get something like this to watch decent dramas.

  • Homemade gin kit – this looks class! And himself loves gin – hopefully can get delivered to Australia!


Any other ideas? I could do with some biking related paraphernalia as well!


Gilly P

One thought on “Awesome gifts for Men

  1. Gin set + Roald Dahl = great ideas! I might think about the book for SB. I can’t believe you dropped the ball on this one & only have 6 weeks to plan 😉

    Where do you get these different ideas? I’m always stuck for new ideas. One year he may even get a home chemistry set…

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