Marathon Training & Carb Loading

I kicked off this week’s marathon training schedule with a killer rest day on Monday. I was supposed to do core work and / or cross training….awesome job Gillian on skipping the first core workout. I’m going to give myself an F there. Thankfully the rest of the week was a little better.

  • Tuesday was Long Hill Intervals…..super hard but did them.
  • Wednesday ‘s long medium run was good but at the slower end of my pacing band for that distance. Could step it up a bit.
  • Thursday – short intervals with active recovery. These were fine but I did them at 75% as I have a race on Sunday
  • Friday – Rest day. A for effort here
  • Saturday – Recovery Run 5km
  • Sunday – Race Day!


The Perth marathon is on today and I am doing it as a relay. I am lucky as for some reason they didn’t divide it evenly so I have 19.5km. It’s 6am on Sunday morning as I type this and I am trying to decide what paces to do. My last half I averaged 4.42. I divided the course in 3 in my head and started off at 4.45-4.50, then dropped to 4.40 – 4.45 and then for the last 7km tried to keep it under 4.40. Mentally it was great to have it divided like that. But you are constantly looking at your watch. I might try and do something similar here. But do the first 12km at around 4.45 and then drop the last 7km under 4.40….we’ll see! J

A pal from the running club is running her first marathon this morning – so excited for her. I have done a lot of her long runs with her so feel like I was part of her journey. She came over last night for carbs and motivation – so we had chicken puttanesca with pasta, had banana splits and watched Unbreakable and Spirit of the Marathon. I think everyone has heard of Spirit of the Marathon. Unbreakable is such a great movie also – try and watch it if you can. It’s the story of 4 men competing to win The Western States 100 – a 100 mile ultra marathon. Such a good story regardless of whether you  are a fun of running or not. 

Anyway, best get going as my ride is getting here for 7am.

Catch you after with a race recap!

Gilly P

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