Yey, It’s Friday!!

What a week! I feel as if it has gone super slow and super fast – if that makes sense? I have been so tired after the race at the weekend, all of my workouts have felt hard.

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – Recovery Intervals. Basically WU, 3*3km @ Marathon Pace, WD.



Wednesday – Endurance Run: 8.4km @ 5.15 pace…nice and relaxing. Listened to music which I normally don’t and I am beginning to find it annoying!

Thursday – Progressive Run. This was hard! Basically, a 2km warm up – at a fast pace….then 8km of hill 1km laps. First 2 laps @ 5.10, second 2 @ 5.00, third 2 @ 4.50 and fourth 2 @ 4.40. Then a 2km warm down – again fast. No recovery. Initially I thought “5.10…sweet” but by the end we were all feeling it! good session though! It’s hard to tell from the Strava picture below how they go as you only see overall pace, including warm ups etc. So basically I am saying it was harder than that suggest!



Friday – rest day. J

I am driving down to Dunsborough (wine region south of Perth) with 12 other women for a weekend of eating and drinking. Should be fun! I still need to fit in my longrun tomorrow morning so I will be that person. It’s 21km with 13@ MP.

We are staying here – it looks amazing!




I booked a lady to come in and do yoga on the Saturday morning. 13 of us getting our Om On, on the balcony! Then we’re heading for a Trust the Chef menu at a vineyard. Should be lots of fun!

In other news, operation buy crap for Franmans’s birthday is coming along nicely. I got the ghost stories book, the USB mix tape and these 2 other ‘stocking fillers’….what do you think? He is so anal about everything looking correct he will love that chopping board! It takes him forever to make a stir-fry as everything needs to be ‘just so’! The IQ cards are just a silly thing to open as well. Still need a big gift though!!! And no ideas!



I am trying to get better with my stretching and strengthening exercises also. I can feel a twinge in my knee already and after having a cortisone injection last year I really don’t want to get injured again. I had a remedial massage, read “beaten up”, on Tuesday and he recommended I see a physio. He thinks my back is very weak and it wouldn’t do me any harm to visit one for my legs also. It will be good to get some ideas on what exercises will help strengthen my legs.


Ok, I am out of here. Work calls. L

Have an awesome weekend and catch you soon.


Gilly P


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