Feeling Good on a Friday

Gooooooood afternoon!

This week has been a great week for me: loads of training sessions AND a trip to our favourite Indian restaurant. SB even got a free beer the last time we were there. How can you argue with that?

Wednesday was the second in my running technique course. We re-capped last week’s moves, and then focused more on the plant and push part of the run. Our coach taught us that for shorter runs it’s more effective to push off the balls of our feet. This is something that I do naturally – I never have my heel on the floor at any point in my stride. Apparently it looks like I’m skipping along!

They went on to do more core activities, but I had to leave early to go to a graduation dinner. I was really disappointed, so ate my weight in Tikka Masala to cheer myself up. It was the only solution.

The rest of the week has been focused on dance dance dance dance! It’s a week til my comp, so I’ve been practicing like a nutter. My arms are pretty big at the moment…. SB is a little worried that I might beat him in an arm wrestle. Bring it on, I say!

Doesn't everyone have a posing contest with their friends on a Saturday night?

Doesn’t everyone have a posing contest with their friends on a Saturday night?

This week I also covered some pole classes while Clever Dr Dancer was ill. It’s amazing to see how much progress you can make with regular workouts. Initially they don’t need to be so frequent, or so hardcore, but consistency is the key. I love it when one of our beginners realises they’ve developed the strength to do something they’ve been aiming for :)

And I’ll leave you with my Friday Faves!

  • Green Cooking – Green things are so trendy at the moment, and typically I’m a little late to the party. Yesterday I made my first green smoothie, with spinach, banana, apple, cucumber, yoghurt, strawberries and some protein. I was really sceptical: is this really going to fill me up til dinner? ….. Yes! And to celebrate, I made Thai Green curry for dinner. I’ve gone green and I’m never going back!
My smoothie has a strawberry hat because it's fancy.

My smoothie has a strawberry hat because it’s fancy.

  • Drills – this is the masochistic part of my fave things. Our coach said that if you want to change your technique, you need to run drills 2-3 times a week. I can definitely feel more power in my strides when I focus on what she’s taught us, so I’m hoping to incorporate more drills into my life…
  • Cupcakes – So these babies came from BiBi’s bakery in Edinburgh. I bought four on the weekend and have been eeking them out all week. Today is the first day without one, and I’m a little worried about how it will go….
Chocolate Orange Cupcake.

Chocolate Orange Cupcake.

  • BamBam leggings – I got these in the Urban Outfitters sale and I LOVE them!! They are so colourful. And comfortable. I just have to cross my fingers that I’m edgy enough to pulll them off!!!
Chillin in my bambams before meeing da crew. Edgy yo

Chillin in my bambams before meeing da crew. Edgy yo

What are your Friday Faves? 

What are your running plans this weekend?

– I plan to do a 10 miler on Sunday


One thought on “Feeling Good on a Friday

  1. Friday faves:
    Having husband come home for the weekend.
    Swimming lessons with the baby.
    Weekend running:
    None :-( need to get me a running buggy, maybe a long walk instead. Walked for 1.5hrs this afternoon.

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