Marathon Training – Week 7

Another week down and no injuries. And there was much rejoicing…..bonus points if you can guess the movie.

This was a good solid weeks training….didn’t set any records but each session was fine in and of itself. I did my midweek run on Monday evening instead of Wednesday and that killed me in intervals on Tuesday morning. But I got them done and that is all that counts!

I am in Sydney this week with work so training not going so well. But I am getting plenty of fun and food in!



So recap for last week

Monday I ran with Franman. His long run for the week was 14 and my mid week run was the same so we took advantage of the opportunity to run together.

  • 14km @ 5.40 pace. A little slower than I would normally do but it was great to run together. It was the furthest he has ever run – until tonight where he did 16km – so was great to be there to do it with him.


Tuesday morning….hard to get up as we didn’t finish the Monday night session until 8.30pm.

  • Warm up – 4.5km ( I had to run as Franman had the car)
  • 3*3km intervals.
    • 4.22
    • 4.24
    • 4.16
  • Cool down – 1.5km

This was a really hard session – the best part was finishing at 7.30am on Tuesday morning and not having to run again until Thursday.

Thursday – ( 4*500 + 2km)* 2

  • Warm Up – 2.3km

1st set

  • 500’s @ 4.06 /3.58 / 3.56 / 3.52
  • 2km @ 4.18

2nd set

  • 500’s @ 4.00 / 4.00 / 3.54 / 3.54
  • 2km @ 4.16
  • Cool down – 2.3km


Saturday – 27km in what was the hardest weather conditions. Ever.

It was torrential rain on Saturday morning….virtually no one turned up for training. Except a few of us who have races coming up. Everyone else was sensible and stayed indoors. We battled torrential rain, hailstones, crazy winds and thunder and lightening for 27km. And felt AMAZING when we finished. Like rockstars. Well the boring running type of rockstar. Maybe Cliff Richard?

  • 27km @ 5.06

Sunday – recovery 8km @ 5min pace.

So I closed out the week with 76.6km and didn’t feel too bad. Well I say that – I was crashed on the couch for the evening by about 4pm!

I’m writing this from my hotel room after a huge feast in a Mexican restaurant called appropriately Mejico. We had guacamole – made at our table which seems the done thing at the moment – served with plantain chips.



The lamb shoulder tacos were definitely the stand out for me.


So as I am overfed and watching Masterchef in my hotel room I will love you and leave you. J



Morning Running, Total Warrior Prep and the Olympic Legacy!

Phew, what a blog post title. I had better deliver!

Total Warrior is this Saturday. My game plan is to not worry too much about time (I do NOT know how you’re supposed to pace an obstacle course), but to go with the flow. It’s in the Lake District, so hopefully will have something to look at when I’m waist-deep in mud. My cousin did one in Chicago a few weekends ago, and he gave me some tips, like watch how you land after the 7ft wall (apparently someone almost broke their neck). He had trained properly and wore barefoot shoes for the race. I will wear my usual gear, and use it as an excuse to buy new running shoes at the end :)

This morning I went for a run. I am not a morning runner, but I can see why people do it: it’s refreshing and now I feel great having done it already. It was only a 5k to see how my IT band is going: no flare ups, yipee!! Tonight I have aerial yoga to give everything a stretch.

There is a big debate in the UK at the moment about the Olympic legacy one year on. I must admit that around where I live, I haven’t seen too much of an improvement in facilities etc, but then again I’m not in their target market either. I read this article on the weekend, and it made me sad.

Womens’ sports gets 0.5% of sponsorship, 15 year old girls are doing half the recommended amount of exercise, and almost half of all school girls think getting sweaty is unfeminine. Who are their role models if not the athletes? A number of false eye-lashed, big-haired female celebrities immediately spring to mind. They’re good in different ways, but all are laced with an uber-materialism which seems to encourage girls to think about their appearance over their health and fitness: looking pretty rather than healthy, changing your looks via fake tan and accessories rather than exercise.

I admit that I didn’t exercise when I was a teen: I did figure skating until the age of 12, and it wasn’t until I was 19 that I started running sporadically, and then regularly in my twenties. My family are more arty: At 15 I could play Mozart on the piano, but give me a tennis racket and I’d try to play it like a guitar (have I even spelled racket correctly? Is it raquet?).

The competitive side of me wishes I had played a sport as a child – there would be much less competition to get to the Olympics if most 15 year old girls aren’t doing it 😉 It’s also about finding the right sport: I love independent sports like skating, gymnastics, pole and running. The school I went to didn’t have many facilities beyond a netball court and lacrosse pitch, so that’s what we played.

The best outcome of the Olympics is that these female athletes keep their prominence – even the retired ones can still promote youth sports. And that schools and clubs are slowly supported to offer a range of activities for their youth so that everyone gets a chance to find their sport.

Half Marathon September is only 5 weeks away, when I’ll do the Run to the Beat and the Great North Run. I am going to seriously start training for those as I haven’t forgotten my goal of getting 1:40 or less. Gotta get my ass into gear!

In other news, the last 10 days have been crazy!. Here is what has happened:

  • We moved house (finally)
  • We both had a stomach bug. That was a fun 72 hours
  • I helped out backstage at a dance show and had a very important cameo
  • We went to London to visit family from overseas. I visited two amazing coffee shops and took edgy pictures of East London street art cos I’m edgy, yo

Now everything is settled and we are painting our house like mad, paint-loving animals.

And just cos there aren’t any pics so far:

P1070408 P1070315

photo (28)


Running ‘Straya Style

Running in Australia is a different beast to running in the UK. Since I’m taking it easy this week to work on my IT band, I thought I’d give our non-Aussie readers a peak into what it’s like to run over the other side of the world!

Running in ‘Straya

1. Choosing your time of day is important. In Summer, it gets hot early, and dark early (about 8pm in Sydney). So you need to be quick to get that window before you’re either sweltering and running at 5km an hour, or running in the dark!

2. As a result, lots of races are either in Winter, or start really early in the morning (eg. 6.30am for the Sun Run). It’s awesome to walk through a city first thing in the morning which is full of runners and no one else.


Sydney full of City2Surf runners.

3. Everyone will have either sunnies or a hat (see above pic). And everyone will wear sunscreen. We don’t need Baz Lurhman to remind us of this one.

Sunscreen runner

This is the alternative to sunscreen!

4. Sweat. Sweaty sweat sweat. Depending on the part of Australia you’re in of course – Sydney is humid anyway, so throw in a run as well and you’ll be amazed at how much liquid you’ll lose!

5. It doesn’t take long to warm up your muscles!

6. Contrary to UK folklore, spiders and snakes aren’t part of a gang who wait to start wrestling matches with runners. Or humans in general.

7. There’s no hay fever to contend with.


No spiders or pollen on this trail!

8. You worry about hydration even more than in the UK. And it’s no joke: heat stroke and dehydration is a major risk when running in ‘Straya.

9. As it’s a city, Sydney offers mostly road races. But they are often around the harbour or right on the beach, so it’s not too hard on the eye!!

Not a bad view for a lunch time run!

Not a bad view for a lunch time run!

10. At the end of the beach races, there’s nothing more refreshing than running into the sea to cool down.

Manly Beach: the finish to the Sun Run

Manly Beach: the finish to the Sun Run

I have 100% acclimatised to UK running: when we were back in Sydney in March I ran a couple of 10ks, and it was like I was running in a sauna! I don’t know how I used to do it. I also ran with Gilly when she visited but ended up walking (that might have been because of the wine the night before rather than the heat – I don’t know which one’s better for my pride!).

So there you have it! As you’d expect, running in Australia is hotter than the UK, so different preparation is needed. But you’re also more flexible, and Sydney in particular is a beautiful city to run in. If you’re in Australia, check out the park runs or the Sun Herald running series to find an event near you.

 Ellie B

The Fresh Prince

So England has it’s next Monarch – the one after the one after the one after this one that is. Like the rest of the country I kept up to date with the lack of updates yesterday (yes, she’s still in labour… still in hospital) and then watched BBC news’ lack of updates after the birth announcement (yep, it’s a boy… there’s the easel…. here’s the front of the hospital). But what’s it going to be called??

Baby Name Cloud

I hope they pick Kong

Ah but I do love a bit of Royal Family pomp, and how the Brits fully embrace any and every reason to celebrate the successes of the Royal Family. We arrived in the UK two weeks before the Royal Wedding, and I was 100% converted to a Middleton fan. Heck, I even have a mug.

Watching it at Hyde Park

As an Aussie, living in England during the last few years has been pretty exciting with everything that’s happened: The Royal Wedding, Olympics, Jubilee, and now the Royal Birth. It’s all one massive kaleidoscope of pride, patriotism, and good will here, and it’s ace to see it.


The English love their country and their identity. It’s similar everywhere – Australia has Anzac and Australia Days, and patriotism in the U.S. needs no introduction – but when an English person writes “God save the Queen” on their Facebook status, or when shelves are stocked with “Best of British” produce, somehow it’s not met with the same cynicism as it would elsewhere. The Royal family provide an identity for all this patriotism. And sometimes it’s fun to jump on the bandwagon.


I can’t imagine anyone writing “God Save KRudd. Julia Gillard. KRudd” on Facebook. Perhaps because it’s too hard to keep up to date with it all.

Anyway, welcome to the world Baby Cambridge. Now hurry up and bring out your merchandise range so I can add to my mug collection and get the special edition of Hello magazine.

Yesterday I spent a while foam roller-ing my left leg and stretching in the hope I can nip this IT band thing in the bud. If pain is anything to go by then I’m on track for a full recovery. 😉 Today I’ll do more of the same, and tomorrow I *may* attempt a run with my running club. Exciting running reading, hey?! Thank goodness for the Royal Birth to distract us all….

Ellie B

** My friend is undertaking a 4 day super challenge in support of the Children’s Heart Unit in Freeman’s Hospital, Newcastle. He is on day 3: a 35 mile run, after completing 2 days of cycling totalling at 140 miles, plus a one mile swim, in the Lake District yesterday and the day before. If you are interested, you can learn more about it here! **

Monday Musings – 22nd July

Well hello there. Another freezing Monday morning was had here in Perth. One of those ones that made you think “socks are ok with my heels, aren’t they”? I braved the cold though and maintained my sartorial reputation. I cannot wait for Spring to have sprung.

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? I pretend to my husband I am not – so then I earn tv points. But secretly I enjoy it. I have been spending my points on House of Cards and The Newsroom. I need to get stuck into a new show though. Any recommendations? Not reality please….I watch enough of that drivel as it is.

Anyway, if you are a fan of GOF you should enjoy this tribute to its dead characters. To the music of Boyz II Men. What’s not to love eh?

Hopefully Joffrey will be in there soon – he scares me so bad!


When you’re finished why not head over to ebay and bid on this piece of history?


And stop the lights!!!!!!!!!!

Do we care?? Do we want to play a game and guess a name? How awesome would it be if she picked some wanky celeb name… North. J

Which leads me nicely into the fact that I am too old for this crap! I no longer understand queuing for bars, chart music, shots…..I am a buzzkill. L


Is it just me or do Dorothy Perkins do the best cheap work dresses?

This is only $30 – very doable for a work / evening dress?

I also need a dress for a wedding – in December – but not sure that one above is dressy enough. Or flashy enough! I think these are more wedding appropriate

This is what I would like to look like – but never do! Ellie reckons it’s all in the accessories; I need a fascinator!


And I’ll leave you with these rules And a golden rule I think all offices should have. Especially here in the land down under. Vegemite should be banned from all work areas – it stinks!!!

Have a good one.