Monday Morning Distraction – 1st July 2013


Good morning all. What a lovely weekend we had here in Perth. This was the view from my recovery run last night – bliss! The weather was crazy good for winter – we are so lucky here.

South Perth

We had a lovely weekend. Friday night was date night…we had cheap thai and I saw Superman in 3D (meh). Saturday morning was a 23km long run (my favourite type of run), and we had leaving drinks on Saturday night for some pals. Sunday was coffee and cake, a recovery run along the beach where we got to watch dolphins playing, more coffee and cake and we finished off the weekend on the couch eating spag bol and watching Lincoln. I love Daniel Day Lewis – the man can do no wrong! He is most definitely top 5.


So besides googling pictures of men what’s distracting me from my “to do” list this morning? Well it seems this morning I am all about food and books! Two of my favourite things!

I am trying to incorporate two healthy rules into my diet – have a protein smoothie for breakfast and a salad (with other stuff) for lunch. I feel these two things will boost my intake of good foods and balance out the crap I started eating after I gave up alcohol. This morning I had a smoothie with plantfusion protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, frozen strawberries and mango and spinach…..was so good! And quick!

I have been inspired by those mason jar salads you see everywhere! Well by everywhere I mean Pinterest. J I made this awesome  Curry Chickpea Salad from Fettle Vegan and it is yummy! Loaded into a tupperware container – I don’t have a big enough jar! – and added some extra veggies….very nice and I feel super smug. :)

It’s July 4th this week and we have Americans visiting our office – I want to make them a cake and have three options – which do you think I should do?

This looks good – but is just a sponge cake….and looks fiddly to make! 


This one is from Recipe snobs and I have most of the ingredients to hand. 


This is from Martha Stewart – looks fab but I don’t have her attention to detail so it will look nothing like this!

Speaking of recipes… you follow Thug Kitchen? Well if not you should! Healthy recipes  delivered in a “slap you in the face” manner. I love it.J

Will someone buy me this book for my upcoming “I need a new book” celebration?

And then get one of these posters? It’s the entire book written out on one page. J

I’ll leave you with this note – cycle your bike, it will put a big fat smile on your face!!!

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  1. Did you enjoy Lincoln? We saw it at the cinema and SB walked out to a Bruce Willis film!

    Nice view for your run yesterday. Dolphins – that’s so exotic! Well jel.

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