Hamsterley 10k Recap

On Sunday morning SB and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by doing a 10k trail fun run together, because isn’t that what all couples do? Isn’t first year 10k, second year 15k… hahaha at least I make myself laugh.

It was the Hamsterley 10k, which is run by and for the Butterwick Hospice, which has a series of hospices throughout the North East of England.

We knew it was going to be a hot one, but thankfully it was fairly cloudy on Sunday morning. We drove the 40 mins to get there, and when we arrived there was a real festive mood in the air, with runners, their families, pets, kids on bikes all gathered in the national park.

The starting line was on a dirt track, and approximately 400 people crammed onto the path. The first kilometre was particularly slow as we all negotiated the narrow track, but we soon joined a wider path, and were met with a fab view of the valley.

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The 1st and 4th kilometres had the steepest climbs, and it was good to get those challenges out of the way early! The track took us through dense forest, like something from Hansel and Gretel, and wider ranges. I love seeing the countryside like this!

Kilometre 5 was a bit of a low point when we were running through swarms of midges. I had already eaten about 10 by then, so I’m no wimp, but this was something else. I had to keep my head down and look at the floor to stop myself from inhaling all that unwelcome protein! At this point I was really feeling the humidity, and all the midges were getting stuck in my sweat. Not my finest point.

Thankfully, kilometre 6 had refreshments (and a chance to wash the insects off!), and the rest of the run was a pleasant descent on paths winding through the trees where I could build some pace to make up for the slower start. The woods were so pretty that I expected to see fairies playing in the woods. But that’s stupid – as if they’d show themselves to fun-runners.

The end was along a similar narrow, winding path which I liked – I hate seeing the finish line long before you’re even close! I finished in 54:56.

A short walk took us to a clearing where there was music, refreshments and medals (the most important bit). There was loads of water and lucozade, which was great for all us runners in the UK who are unaccustomed to running in heat! Gilly would have lapped us I bet. :)

All in all I thought it was a great run for a great cause. It wasn’t the most comfortable run because of the insects, but I really enjoyed running through the forest. And at £15 (£13 for affiliated runners), it was an absolute bargain.

Feeling pretty pleased with my new medal and huge shoulders.

Feeling pretty pleased with my new medal and huge shoulders.

After the run, SB and I went home and watched the Wimbledon final. I think that Murray really benefitted from my support – I don’t want to say that his win is completely down to me, but…..

And then we went out to Tapas to celebrate our anniversary like normal folks :)


Ellie B

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