It’s only Frickin Friday!!

Gooooooooooood afternoon!!

Happy Friday yet again. On Monday they seem like a lifetime away, but before you know it, they’re here with all their Friday goodness!!

This week I’ve not done much running or pole for reasons which are too boring to talk about, so I’ll just go straight to What I’m Loving Friday!

  • Karrimore Running Shorts. After my quest to find the Perfect Running Shorts, SB surprised me with a new pair for our anniversary. So now I have two! These shorts are lovely and light, with loads of ventilation to keep you cool. They are so comfortable and I hope it stays Summer here all the time as they’re the most comfortable thing I’ve run in. The only minor thing is that the media pocket at the back is a little too small to have a car key and an iphone in it. But other than that they are the bees knees.


  • This Girl’s Blog. We have our very first guest spot on another blog!! Whoo hoooo! Nicola runs a blog called We Do Run Run, which is a great place to go to learn more about UK running bloggers, and Nicola adds her own fab sense of humour and style to the page. It’s been a great source of inspiration for me – go check it out!! Our very own Gilly P will feature on there next. :)
  • My Goddaughter. When I was in London last week I had lunch with one of my closest friends and my Goddaughter. She’s only teeny tiny still, but she’s already such a little dude. She’s into yoga and swimming, and isn’t even 6 months old yet. I never had a Godmother, and from what I can tell from my friends who did, it mainly involves taking them to pop concerts and buying presents, right?
The only way you can tell this isn't me is because I don't smoke. Otherwise it's uncanny.

The only way you can tell this isn’t me is because I don’t smoke. Otherwise it’s uncanny.

  • Flight Behaviour. I just finished this book last night and it was great. It was such a gentle book, with an interesting plot, and such vibrant characters that I felt like I knew them personally. I’ve only read one other by Barbara Kingsolver, but will definitely be reading more.


  • Shabby Chic. SB and I are trying something new in our house. It’s a cross between warehouse and refugee living. What do you think?


Not really – we’re in the process of moving. Some time. Some date. Unconfirmed yet. But til then we are living around islands of boxes.    And it’s not really part of What I’m Loving Friday, but there’s nothing much else occurring right now….

I hope you have a great weekend!! What are you doing?

We’re going out for Japanese food. SB doesn’t know this yet but I’m sure he’ll love the idea.


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  1. Horray for Friday!!!!!!!!!! Nice shorts…. :) Wish it was warm here again. Will have to look that book up…have read all my pile so need some new ones to get stuck into. xx

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