Friday Feeling


It’s Friday….whoop whoop!! And I am home on a holiday day. The only thing that would make this better would be if my house wasn’t like a bomb hit it…. I’ll hover eventually.

I have been in Sydney this week for work….great fun but nice to be home. It’s Franman’s birthday so we have a nice weekend of food and fun ahead of us. We’re heading to Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant and a fancy schamncy Italian in the casino. He also wants it to be a “super cool and deadly” birthday weekend so I need to come up with the goods!

Hope you all have an equally awesome weekend – here are some cool things I saw this week.

Oprah is on Instagram!! 

If ever you felt like your pictures didn’t live up to much excitement this will confirm it. It looks like she is on safari in the Serengeti…..and bumped into Nelson Mandela. What’s cooler though is that she shows a lot of pictures of herself not looking super glam and make up free. In this airbrushed world it’s pretty refreshing.

 A few days behind the 8 ball but how great is Kate Middleton for showcasing her beautiful baby bump. She is always utterly flawless around her outfits and understands the scrutiny that would have been around her on this occasion. I am 99% sure she knew what she was doing here. Hopefully it will push back on the norm for women to showcase their “how I lose all the baby weight in 8 days” diets. And the fact that we comment on women’s bodies after they give birth. It shouldn’t be a story but it is unfortunately.

As evidenced by Ok magazine printing a souvenir edition – just hours after she gave birth – promoting an “exclusive duchess and diet shape-up plan”. Classy.

How cool are these pictures on etsy – I am definitely ordering a few of these!

 This shirt is cool as well – Fran doesn’t agree….he thinks it sucks.

I am not sure if I am months behind here but I have been listening to Lianne la Hava this week – beautiful voice. Go download it now!


I’ll be baking bread this weekend. How could you not want to make a loaf of bread entitled The Life Changing Loaf of Bread. 


As per My New Roots “The Life-Changing Loaf uses whole grains, nuts, and seeds. It is high in protein. It is incredibly high in fiber. It is gluten-free and vegan”- in essence you’d be mad not to make it!

 After a week of rich eating and mainly sitting in Sydney I will also be stocking up on healthy foods this weekend to get back to normal. I try and make my own almond milk (I don’t eat dairy) most of the time so it’s always cool to see ways to jazz it up. This recipe looks great – If you haven’t made almond milk before do it! It is so tasty and easy. You can thank me later.


And finally, if you’re having a bad day in the office and thinking how you would love to work somewhere else don’t look at this crazy fancy office! As would be expected from the woman who convinced other women to pay over $100 for a candle.

Have a great weekend. J







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