Marathon Training Week 9


After last week being a bit of a nonstarter with me being in Sydney I was super pumped to be the best little runner in the whole world this week. Yeah that didn’t happen….I woke up on Monday feeling really sick and didn’t shake it until the weekend. So another week of sporadic running; which means this will be a nice short post.

I started feeling really guilty by Wednesday which I need to get over. It’s still 9 weeks until the marathon and as my coach said….if the wheels come off after one bad week you have bigger problems! So I’ll take this as a cut back / relaxed week and try and just jump back into it next week.

I did my first run on Thursday evening with Franman – he is training for his first ½ in Melbourne when I do my marathon. He only runs twice a week as he bikes a ton as well and just wants to finish in a respectable time. So basically just runs whenever he feels he should….it seems to be working out well for him! Typical man. He had 18km on his ‘program’ so I decided to join him.

It was great to run with Franman…’s a nice way to catch up and chat. And it’s awesome to see him getting into running. I was wrecked after it but it felt ok whilst running.

I was supposed to do 8km on Saturday and race a ½ marathon on Sunday but the club coach advised against racing if I wasn’t feeling well. So I decided to do an easy 20km on Saturday and a recovery run on Sunday. I was dreading the 20km when I went to bed on Friday – I still felt crap and it was super late when I fell asleep. I always hate setting my alarm for 5.30 on a winter Saturday too!

This is my “excited to run” face

But it ended up ok. I didn’t feel very strong and it was hard but it was way better than I anticipated. It was great also as I got to run with the The Baking Jogger Blogger She has been training for the City 2 Surf marathon on Saturday week and our programs weren’t coinciding these last few weeks. So I really enjoyed our overdue running catch up.

Sunday I thought I would do between 15-20…..purely out of guilt and to try and get a few additional km’s under my legs for the week. A case of trying to shut the door after the horse has bolted. I ended up with 16km and it didn’t feel too bad. I ran some of the ½ marathon course and I was passed by the male leaders….man they run fast! It’s inspiring!


I closed out the week with 54.7km – 3 medium long runs and no intervals. I know I will feel the fact I missed the last 2 weeks of intervals this week but luckily I still have loads of time until the marathon. And it has given me a nice rest week which can be a good motivator too. So I will look at the glass half full and throw myself into the last 9 weeks, fingers and toes crossed that I won’t get sick again. I rarely get sick but read that it’s common when training – have any of either of the readers of this blog experienced this? Mum?

Enjoy your weekend and happy running! I’m camped out on couch watching The Sopranos and making my way through the 50 pounds of chocolate we got in the post; we have over 80 chocolate bars! So much for trying to eat less junk!!



2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 9

  1. Amazing work on your runs. Even when poorly you still manage to clock some serious mileage! My sis-in-law and I were marvelling at your Strava action today :)

    Hope you feel better soon, and I’m glad Franman shared some of that chocolate with you!


  2. Hey there…..thanks! It was purely out of guilt and trying to get some decent mileage down by the end of the week. :)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend with your family. xx

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