What’s going down?


The weather has been just shocking here in Perth this week. I am officially over winter…..it hasn’t stopped raining all week. And as I live in Perth and don’t consider the weather here bad I never dress appropriately. So I had wet feet all week. And frizzy hair. Classy.

What I’m reading: Do you like Woody Allen? I have to admit to being a fan of at least 50% of his movies…..sometimes it feels like every second one is good. This is a lovely article in the Esquire’s What I’ve Learned series.  There are some pretty cool other ones in the series so check em out.

“If you’re born with a gift, to behave like it’s an achievement is not right” – I feel this is very Woody Allen

What I’m eating: I was lucky this week to have been able to go to dinner two nights running. First with my boss in The Greenhouse on St Georges Terrace. It’s an ecofriendly (?) restaurant in the city so everything is recycled and quirky – ie. mason jars rule here. The outside is covered in plants and they have a nice rooftop bar. With the weather we sat inside. We shared Afghan bread – no idea what makes it afghani? Poppy seeds? And we had a freeka salad – with other stuff – a roasted veg salad and some barramundi. Overall it was good but not OMG I need to go back.

I also had dinner in Meeka in Subiaco last night. I think it positions itself as a Middle Eastern restaurant and most everything comes in a tagine. It was good but I felt the portions were a little small – no one else said that though so that is most likely a reflection on my gluttonous habits than their portions.

What I’ve been drinking. I used my juicer every single day this week….very proud of myself. And. I had kale or spinach in it each day. I am waiting for my skin to start glowing, my energy levels to pick up and for general wellness to exude from all my pores. Nada yet.

This had kale AND broccoli. Broccoli! Come on, someone needs to give me a pat on the back for that.

What I have been Trying: we had “InDay” today at work and the theme was play. So we all went and did a pilates class together this morning. Was good….I kind of liked it but felt as if I was doing nothing most of the time. “can you activate the back of your left hip and move it 2 degrees to the left”…..WTF!!! I know people swear by it though so I should really try and give it some time.

What I’m watching:
I went back to the first season of Girls and am watching both through again….I watched it sporadically the first time. I like it more this time – the writing can be spot on. And I love how they capture that generations arrogance and fear. It gets a lot of stick but anything that is so current and has a back story tends to have that. And I imagine she must get so frustrated with people commenting on her body….. I watched the episode last night where she takes coke so she can write a story. Not amazing but it made me laugh. Especially when she changes her top with the club kid.


This is a good little article with Lena Dunham remembering Nora Ephron. 
What made me laugh? How have I not heard of the BBC documentary called The Call Centre – I LOVE it. It’s a documentary around the “third biggest call centre in Swansea “. Tv gold. I’m a bit annoyed that Ellie hasn’t told me about this one to be honest. Happy People Sell 
Have a good one. J


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