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Fancy a new book to read? I am an avid reader. Now, let’s not confuse avid with anything else than I read a lot. I am under no illusion that I read very mainstream literature and when I read something highbrow I enjoy it but never get the underlying subtext. Unlike my partner in crime Ellie. She’s your go to for deep philosophical debate

However I love to read. I get panicky if I don’t have 3 or 4 books on my nightstand. I remember being in a hotel with my Mother and brother and I had lost my book. So I resorted to reading the front of the phone book. How do people who don’t read pass the time on flights? Or how do they fall asleep.

Anyway, here is what I have been reading lately. Some good, some not so good.

Main Street Vegan: Victoria Moran: This is a really good introduction to veganism. I am not a vegan but would like to eat mainly plant based so am curious to learn more. Whilst my intentions come from health reasons this covers a lot of the animal rights issues which in all honesty I have ignored to date. She presents it really well and not in a preachy manner. If you are curious to learn more definitely worth a read.

The Art of Racing in the Rain: Garth Stein. I was stuck in an airport for 3 days – I know!!! – last year and I met a lovely guy. We both recommended a book to each other to buy and this was his recommendation. I wasn’t too excited to read it, hence it taking me a year to do so. It gets amazing reviews but I couldn’t get into it. It’s told from the view point of a family dog who is witnessing a race car drivers family suffering through illness. Bla. Maybe this is a book I didn’t ‘get’ but for me was too simple. Think happy thoughts and all will be ok.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me: Mindy Kaling. I didn’t know much about Mindy before reading this book. Ellie had sent me her blog which I read in one sitting. I bought this boarding a plane and devoured it. I had no idea how funny she was. Such a fun book and it’s led me to her tv show which is awesome as well.

Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn. Another “you have to read this book” book. It’s decent and if your pal lends you a copy read it. But it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I found the two main protagonists really annoying so that didn’t help. Saying that I will probably read her new book.

A Tiny Bit Marvelous: Dawn French. Stupid book. Don’t bother. No idea how this was published. Juvenile writing and just bland. Sorry Dawn, I still like you.

The Paris Wife: Paula McLain: I liked this book; nicely written. It imagines the relationship between Ernest Hemmingway and his wife Hadley and their time in Paris. Hemmingway was still to become the successful author and it covers their tumultuous relationship. It’s a great story and really well written.

How Did You Get This Number?: Sloane Crosley. I came across this author through reading David Sedaris (whom I really enjoy reading) and I think I had very high expectations for it. It’s a number of essays and they are decent but I wouldn’t rush out to read it either.

Wild: Cheryl Strayed. A memoir about a woman who walked the Pacific Crest Trail on a whim after her marriage breaks down and her mother passes away. It’s definitely got a target audience – white woman figuring out modern life. It’s a good memoir though and an enjoyable read. Very sad at time and she doesn’t hold back. Her complete lack of experience in hiking was annoying to many people but it didn’t bother me. It’s kind of the point…she was so messed up she needed to undertake something big and seemingly impossible to work through her issues.

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  1. I thought the same about Gone Girl! But I was gripped all the same.

    The Paris Wife sounds good. I am on the hunt for a good fiction to read… I’m reading a memoir at the mo which I’m enjoying, but they don’t hook me in as much as a good story does…

  2. The Paris Wife is a nice read…worth your time. Do you use your Goodreads account? Have a look at my ‘want to read’ list – this is where I add books I read good reviews of and want to read soon. :)

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