Marathon Training Week 10


10??? What the… has it been 10 weeks already! Even though I have another 8 to go I feel like a kid cramming the night before her big exams. Thinking why didn’t I listen…..why didn’t I do more squats. Why didn’t I even crunch just once?

This week was a come back week after being pretty sick last week. So I wanted to do as much as possible whilst not being hard on myself. Which in all honesty I never am. I’m awesome at giving myself plenty of rest time.

  • Tuesday was 4 * 2km hill repeats.We started off with a 3km warm up that felt too fast. When we got to the hills we were all blaming one another – no one knew who was setting the pace! The loop is 1km so each set is 2 loops. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat 4 times. We kept the hill loop at 4.35 so on track for what it should have been.


  • Wednesday was a 10km run. Nothing exciting to report here.

  • Thursday……I was supposed to do a progression run. But I felt sick on Wednesday night so decided to do it on Thursday night. Thursday night was lashing so I decided to do it on Friday morning. Friday morning I had a work pilates class so I decided to do it on Friday night. Are we getting the pattern? Finally at 5pm on Friday I was feeling guilty for not doing it. But thought a progression run would make too tired for the long run on Saturday. So I had the great idea to do 20km at 6pm with Franman as his long run is slower than mine. Which means I wouldn’t be tired to run 27km just 12 hours later. Sense? No?

It was a tough run. Very dark and rained loads. But we did it! And ate our dinner in silence and went to bed at about 9!

  • Saturday morning my alarm went off at 5.30 and I went through the motions of eating toast, taking beta analanine and trying to wake up. We hit the road at 6am and did 27km. This was a really challenging run. 5kms in I was thinking about walking… took me until about 12 or 13km to not feel awful. And even then I never felt great; long runs are my favourite and I usually enjoy them in as much as you can. But I wasn’t feeling it. However, we finished it and didn’t have to walk or cry or quit so I’ll take that. Note to self – 20km runs the night before a long run is not a good idea.


  • Sunday was a recovery run – 6km @ 5.12km pace. Ran with Fran and we had a nice chat and enjoyed the sunshine.

So overall a long week and I am feeling the kms this week already. Oh well…..that’s marathon training!

Week 10 – 75.6km.


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  1. Congratulations on doing the 27kms when you didn’t want to – it’s 100% harder then!! And great training for the event… I bet you felt great afterwards, even if the run itself was nasty!

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