10 Signs That You’re A Runner

Good afternoon!

Since running regularly, a few things have become slightly warped in my mind. Before running (BR), I’d NEVER dream of taking my sports shoes on holiday. BR, I’d NEVER think it was acceptable to cut down my ‘getting ready’ time to squeeze in a run before an evening engagement.

So, here are my 10 signs that you’re a runner.These have all happened to me at one point or another. Admittedly, some are more directed towards the female readers because, heck, I am a female. If all, or one, strikes a chord with you, I’m afraid it only means one thing: you’ve been bitten by the running bug, my friend. And it doesn’t matter how far or how long you run, if anything on this list is familiar, then you’re a runner.

So here goes…..

10. You wouldn’t dream of spending £50 on a dress, but think nothing of spending £50 for a race entry.

P1070562Who needs a new dress (or make up) with the Great North Run coming up?

9. Friday night drinks means hydrating for your long run the next day.

8. You have this conversation with your other half as you’re coughing in the bathroom:

  • Them: “What’s wrong? Are you ok?”
  • You: “Yeah, I just have a fly stuck in my throat”

7.   Smelly shoes in your hallway/living room/kitchen/car are perfectly acceptable. From time to time, you even find yourself looking fondly at them as you might do an old pet or a teddy bear.


My faithful trail shoes, forever in newspaper and a plastic bag

6. Your feet are gross.

5. You are ok with your feet being gross.

4. You feel ripped off when a massage doesn’t make you want to weep with pain.

3. You refer to pre-run food as ‘fuel’, as if you’re a Ferrari 641 (I totally Googled that – thinking of the male readers too). Or Mo Farah.


Pre-Total Warrior Fuel

2. Your calves don’t fit into knee high boots anymore thanks to all those hill runs.

1. Love it or hate it, you often find yourself outside running.

Ellie B

2 thoughts on “10 Signs That You’re A Runner

  1. Love this post Ellie; I knew I was a runner when people would stare at me horrifically when I’d casually speak about going for a 12km, 18km, 25km, 32km run that morning. Haha. My perception of distance has become seriously warped.

  2. Thanks Courtney! It’s so true: suddenly 12k is nothing anymore, but to others, it’s Very Strange Behaviour. As if you’d leave your bed to go running! Before WORK?! :)

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