Festival Of Running – Marathon Training Week 11


Whoooo – Peak Week is over! And I survived. And I still like running. Result!

This was always going to be a hard week of training. It’s looming 8 workouts over 7 days has been scaring me since I first got my program. I wasn’t sure how I would cope with it as we all know I am a big fan of the rest day. But it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. That’s a life lesson right there folks. And I won’t even charge you for it.

I went into the “Festival of Running” with tired legs – I had run on the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But what can you do. Also, I like how my coach calls it a festival. As if that will distract us from it’s magnitude.

  • Monday started off ok with a 6.4km Recovery Run @ 5.15 pace. I did it after work…….nothing too strenuous.


  • Tuesday was long intervals. We do this session every Tuesday and it never gets easier. As you just keep running them faster. Because we do them very week you can see your progress over time.


    • 4.5km Warm up
    • 3*3km intervals – my program has my pace bands at 4.14 – 4.30. I just checked those bands just now…..should keep a better eye on this kind of thing.
      • 4.24
      • 4.21
      • 4.12
    • 1.5Km Cool down

    This session is always hard but as with all intervals and hard work comes rewards. So I enjoy doing them for that reason. Well actually if we’re going to be honest I enjoy telling everyone I have done them when I am finished.


  • Wednesday

I was down to do 2 runs on Wednesday – this was going to be my first ‘double’ and I was excited to do it. I did 18km before work with a pal, Kelly. It was a gorgeous morning and she is great company so was a very enjoyable run. I then did 6km after work which I found hard – I could definitely feel the tiredness in my legs and was glad to be done. I had a work dinner after which finished at 9 and I crawled into bed afterwards!

  • 18km@ 5.17 pace.
  • 6km @ 5.01 pace.


  • Thursday

Short intervals were on the program. So the usual warm up, 4*500m & 2km and do that twice. If you run this session properly – really push the 500m and keep the 2km honest – it’s a great session. But it’s easy to end up running it all at the wrong pace and not getting the best from the session.

  • Warm up: 2.2km
  • First Set:
    • 3.53 / 4.05 / 3.51 / 3.53 (4*500m)
    • 2km @ 4.17
  • Second Set:
    • 4.00 / 3.48 / 3.56 / 3.49 (4*500m)
    • 2km @ 4.08
  • Cool Down 2.3km

I was really happy with this work out – I felt I pushed the 2kms and even though it was hard I was able to hold a decent pace. Hopefully this means I am getting a bit faster.

  • Friday
  • 7km @ 5.06 pace.

Ran before work – when the alarm went off I nearly cried but besides that it was fine.

  • Saturday

I was sooooo nervous before this run – not sure why! I have run 33km before but for some reason I was expecting it to be awful. Last Saturday’s was tough so maybe that had unsettled me. I ran with Jarrad who I love running with. He’s an amazing runner and an even more amazing person. We have great chats and after 3 hours running you get way beyond small talk. So the time goes fast. And because he’s faster than me it pushes me.

We did 33km @ 4.58 (according to Strava – I feel it was 5km on my actual watch)

We picked up the pace towards the end which is a good reflection of where we are with our pace and fitness. From 21km on our pace stayed mainly under 5. I would LOVE to run the race at 4.50 so this bodes well for that!

  • Sunday - 
  • 11.3 km recovery run

Sunday was the City to Surf here in Perth. It is probably the biggest race, not necessarily the best, race in Perth with a 4km walk, 12km walk and run, ½ marathon and a full marathon. I have done the full the last 2 years. It’s a fun event as so many people take part. As I had 33 on Saturday I didn’t want to race on Sunday. But still wanted to take part. So my coach had me run the last 10km with a club member who was running his first marathon.

He had a bunch of us do this and calls us his “little Mexicans”…..as he puts it so nicely:

I was really excited to be a “little mexican” and it meant I got a few km’s in myself. Greg, who I was paired up with did a great run. He struggled a bit with cramps towards the end but fought through them to finish in 4.04…..was a great experience for me and I am hoping I helped him out.

And in even more exciting news Franman did the 12km and SMASHED his PB by 9 minutes.

So I finished out the week with 8 runs and 109km. Phew! That wasn’t the best thing about this week though. There were actually 3 others.

  1. Seeing Franman smash his PB – I was so proud of him. He only started running properly a few weeks ago and is already killing it.
  2. Making each session this week and enjoying them!
  3. Seeing a great pal DESTROY her marathon PB. Like achieve a time that scares me to say! You can check her out here if you want to know more – http://thebakingjoggerblogger.com/

7 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Wow a 109km week that is amazing. You are well on your way to something special…can’t wait until I can jump in there on some of your training runs! And well done to Fran can’t wait to see him run!

  2. Can’t wait for you to come back down during the week. You must be still floating on air! Just need to convince Fran to come too! :)

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