MetaFit? MegaSweat!

Last night I tried something new. I went to MetaFit.

I am not a ‘class’ kind of girl: I’ve never been into BodyPump or Pilates or YogaLates or StepAerobicsTilYouPassOut. But some girls from SB’s work have been going, and they said it was really hard. The clincher for me: it only lasts 20 minutes, and is 5 minutes from my house.

So I went to my first class last night, and I had that new girl feeling where you’re convinced everyone’s looking at you cos you don’t know anyone. But I sucked it up, and prepared to get my ass kicked.

Metafit 2

20 minutes? It can’t be that bad surely….?

The next 20 minutes were INTENSE! The class was broken down into different rounds, with 4*30 second exercises and 30 secs rest in between. The first three exercises in a round repeated themselves, and the last was always a plank.

The exercises included lunges, squats, sprinting on the spot, and burpees. It sounds ok, but by the final round of each one I was knackered. You know you’re working hard when plank is a break!

During the class I had sweat dripping down my face, which is unusual because I’m not generally a sweatter. SB is: he says that the more you sweat, the fitter you are. Not sure if that’s true, or if he’s trying to convince everyone that sweat is cool. Anyway, today I can really feel my upper legs have taken a beating, so I’m going to go again! Walking upstairs is overrated, right?


I know, selfies aren’t cool, esp extreme close ups. But now you can see what we’re dealing with.

Coming back from the class, I felt like I’d received enlightenment, so I went online to get even more enlightened. Metafit works on the premise of HIIT: high intensity interval training. The MetaFit website says it’s the ‘metabolic workout that lasts 24 hours’, which comes from the idea that increasing the metabolic resting rate will help you burn more calories.

HIIT is also a great way to make sure you get your exercise in when you’re busy: according to Runner’s World, 15 minutes of HIIT can have the same impact as three hours of long, slow running. HIIT does favour the fast-twitch fibres, but these will support you on longer runs when your legs start to feel the burn.

So that was my first foray into the world of MetaFit! It’s really hot in England at the moment, and there’s loads of classes to choose from. Plus I like any marketing campaign that makes me feel like I’m a marine.

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Ellie B

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  1. That sounds tough hon! Well done!! :)

    I miss being part of a gym for the classes….I am trying to get into Bikram….every week I want to go but in involves getting up at 6.30 to cycle there. And Sunday is my one ‘lie in day’ so every week I miss it!

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