Yey it’s Friday!!!


I love Fridays. Work meetings are generally more relaxed. I get to carb load for a long run. And we have drinks in the office – well I have lemonade and chocolate. So essentially a kids party for me. Just need Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

It’s been another busy week with work and training. Apologies for saying that every week. But all good – I’m not complaining. I got this in my inbox from the Marathon organisers this morning and it both scared and excited me.

 So what have I been up to? Besides moaning?

Well I have been eating at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Perth.


I have to preface this by saying I am a HUGE Jamie fan. I like his enthusiasm and think that his books and shows are fun. And he seems – to me at least – to genuinely care about the causes he pioneers. He could just sit back, take in the money and do nothing. But he chooses to spend his time campaigning to bring awareness to great issues. So yeah, I like him. His restaurant – not so much. We got there at 6.45 and were told it would be an hour and a half wait – which was fine. So we went to The Stables Bar for drinks whilst waiting. When we got a call to say came back Franman skulled his pint and we were there in 5 minutes. From when we got back it took another 45 minutes to seat us! I was ravenous and ready to give up. But we had waited so long we stayed. And the food was ok but not amazing. I had a salad to start which was so bland and a tuna pasta dish for a main. Again ok but not amazing. I’d go again but wouldn’t be rushing back.



What I have been distracted by – Humans of New York.

Have you seen this cool website – soon to be a book? Check it out and come up for air in about an hour! 


What I have been buying

ASOS! I could spend hours on ASOS looking at dresses and putting them in my basket. I think I get as much pleasure from doing that as actually purchasing anything. Which is handy. I got the navy dress for an upcoming wedding – hopefully it looks as nice on me as her. I also got 2 sundresses which were on sale. It’s still winter and raining here in Perth but I can dream. It’s been a good shopping week for me as I got some new trainers too – Nike Pegasus. I prefer these for my long runs and Lunar Glide for intervals. Ideally they could do with a bit of neon but for 50% off they will do.


What I am reading: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer


I’m only half way through it but it’s good so far. It delves into the morality and ethics around eating animals. And things like why it is ok to eat a cow but not a dog. He’s a great author and he brings humor and philosophy to his discussions. Very interesting.

What I am super excited about!

Apparently there are FIVE – yes FIVE!! – new J.D. Salinger books to be published from next year.  Like many people who read Catcher in The Rye at school I fell in love with it. So I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

This weekend promises to be a good one. I have 33km in the morning so lots of pasta and chocolate tonight. We have our ladies who bRUNch monthly catchup tomorrow – will be right after my 33km so whatever I eat will be good. And Franman is Downhill racing so I will go and watch the race on Sunday. All and all, nice clean and wholesome fun. Have a good one whatever you do. J


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  1. As if Franman will see this – his eyes will glaze over as soon as he sees dresses! We’d need to post on downhill biking or something. Maybe we should do that and then he wouldn’t mind *what* you bought in the next paragraph! 😉

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