Marathon Training – Week 12


I’m on week 12 and I’m still smiling! It’s Sunday afternoon here in Perth and Franman is watching Jaws. Again. He was in a Downhill race today though so we’ll let him enjoy it. And I’ll recap on my training.

I am getting very nervous yet excited as the day looms closer. Seeing all my club mates put down a-frigging-mazing marathons last week has made me so keen to just get to Melbourne and race already. I feel consumed by my training at the moment. All I think about is how many weeks I have left, what I have to do, what pace I can run etc. Way more so than last year. I am also constantly playing about with an app called PaceCalc ( …….what would happen if ran 2 seconds faster, 2 seconds slower…..have you seen it? It’s addictive! And interesting to see what a difference a few seconds in pace can make.


Disclaimer – I haven’t improved ‘so much’ – I just joined a club and was introduced to an actual program and intervals!


  • Tuesday – Long Intervals

I didn’t feel too tired on Monday after my big week last week which was great. I was worried I would be beat. But on Tuesday at intervals I definitely did! My coach wanted to focus on what my 3km interval pace was and told me to aim for 4.18. I am good when I have a set goal so I did just that.

Warm Up – 4.6km

3* 3km Intervals:

  • 4.16
  • 4.17
  • 4.12

Cool down – 1.2km


  • Wednesday – 10km Endurance Run 5.15 pace.

I am really trying to focus on staying within my pace bands for the slower runs. This was a little too fast. However I blame Mizuno. A distributor came down to the Wednesday evening session to have us try out some shoes. I tried the racing flats and they made me speed up. Honest. They’re pretty cool to run in – really light and they rock you forward slightly. Not sure if I should invest in a pair. Nervous about introducing anything new in and let’s face it – I’m not at the stage where racing flats are what will make the difference.


  • Thursday – Progression run with Hills

So Alex and I made a balls of this workout. You are supposed to start at a certain pace and get progressively faster every 2km for a total of 12km. We run to a 1km hill loop and we thought the run there was a warm up. So I ended up short by a few km. I was really annoyed with myself as I am really wanting to get an A in all my workouts. Which is so unlike me. But the kms I did were good.

Warm Up – 1.7km @ 5.11

2km loops

  • 4.54
  • 4.46
  • 4.39
  • 4.31
  • 4.20 (this was only 1km – I was feeling really good here and wished we had kept going….for some reason we thought we were done. I don’t know what we were thinking)

Cool down – 2.4km


  • Friday – Recovery Run 7km, 5.30 pace.

Getting better at keeping the pace down. The wind helped to be fair.


  • Saturday – 33km Long run with 5km shift

Jarrad and I started off at 5.30am. I was carb-ed up and ready to run. Then 1km in it started lashing and the wind was awful. Thankfully after 5/6km it died down and the sun came up. As Jarrad reminded us – when we’re in Melbourne we can remember these tough runs and know we’re ready. So wise.

We ran an overall pace of 4.53km and it wasn’t terribly awful. So we’re on track. Scary to think that we have to run faster than this for longer in a few weeks though!

To start getting used to MP we pushed it for the last 5km. We were running into the wind, not a gale, but still a wind. And as such a valid reason for a moan. We pushed the last 5km and despite the hill for the last 500m making me feel nauseous it was a good run.


  • Sunday – Recovery Run 6km, 5.36 pace.

Yes! Nice and slow. I hope my coach looks at this….I want a gold star. I could feel the tiredness in my legs today. But gotta expect that this far in.


So I finished up the week with 84.9km total. 6 more weeks of training to go. Do you reckon I can give up sweets then? Wondering if cleaning up my diet would make me faster? Or is it training harder that does that?






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