Arguments with my Quads, and Half Marathon Musings

Last week was a strange training week. It felt like I didn’t do much, but I had more DOMS that week than I have for a long time! It culminated with an argument between my quads and I where they stopped me from walking downstairs in return for me subjecting them to Metafit.

This guy knows what it’s like to be stiff!

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Monday: driving back cross country, so no exercise. McDonalds and choclate crepe happily consumed
  • Tuesday: hill sprints. I did a 3k warm up, and then 8*100m sprints up a hill, with approx 30 seconds rest in between. Then a 1km cool down.
  • Wednesday: Metafit. As you know, this was a quick one, but I can say that it definitely was a workout! Two days of easing myself gently in and out of chairs 😉
  • Thursday: Gentle post-dinner  3km jog with SB to loosen up
  • Friday: 8 minute abs and lots of foam rolling
  • Saturday: 9.5 mile run in one of the last warm days for the year. On average I did an 8 minute mile, including one 7:17 mile for the magic mile.

photo (30)

photo (29)

Our car was in the shop last week and so I cycled everywhere, but my quads have had time to recover, so we’re friends again now. And I won’d drag them to Metafit until after my half marathons this month.

This week is my taper week I can’t believe my half marathons are here! When I signed up for them, I had planned to do loads more training, and was aiming for a strong PB.


Then things got in the way a little: good things definitely, but I have only really had about three weeks of solid training, but hopefully I’ll be all right. I did a fast 1.5k finish at the end of my long run on Saturday, and finished feeling good, so fingers crossed! 

Even though I’m not 100% on track, I’m still really excited about the next two weekends. I am really looking forward to Run to the Beat with my sis & bro in law in London, and also to run in the Great North again now I know what to expect.

So at the moment my approach is to chill out and just enjoy the races. And you never know: I might surprise myself.

Ellie B

2 thoughts on “Arguments with my Quads, and Half Marathon Musings

  1. Good luck with both El! You’ll smash it. Your mile times are impressive (the km times mean less to me so I tend to ignore them)! Hope you get a time you’re happy with. X

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