Marathon Training Week 13


Week 13! On the homestretch now! Still a fan of running too which is great!

I feel like I’ve become consumed by my training in the last few weeks. Consumed in a good way I like to think. Most people would call it taking your training seriously. It’s not that I wasn’t before….I am just approaching it more like a job at the moment. So what exactly do I need to get done in each session to achieve my goals. As opposed to my usual approach of ‘try hard’ and see what happens. This week felt good….I had tired legs but still managed to get in all my times for each session. Which has given me some confidence. And my training partner Rick came back from a small injury. Nice to have someone to run with.

  • Tuesday – Mile Repeats

We haven’t done mile repeats in a while so I was curious to see how I would do. I kept 4 of them under my goal time…the 4th one killed me! I thought I was going to get sick with effort yet it was the slowest. Go figure! I will blame the wind. J

Warm Up – 1.9km

5 * 1mile Intervals – (times is pace per km)

  • 4.03
  • 4.03
  • 4.02
  • 4.10
  • 4.01

Cool down – 1.3km

  • Wednesday – 18km Endurance Run @ 5.09km

This was probably the hardest run of the week. It’s hard to know what exactly caused it but I didn’t eat before I left and felt so weak by the end. Maybe just a hard day at the office? But I was glad when we were finished. And even more glad that 5 clubmates chose to get up at 6am to run with me.

  • Thursday – Km Repeats

I was a bit worried about this workout on Wednesday night. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to convince myself I was ill as I was so tried. I just wanted to sleep forever. And I had spoken with my club coach about my goal pace and I knew it was going to be challenging. When my alarm went off there was a few minutes of hesitation. But I had a think and put it into perspective. And asked what would Mo and Pre do? So yeah, just get up girl.

Warm Up – 3.6km

6 * 1km sprints (times are pace per km)

  • 4.04
  • 4.00
  • 3.53
  • 3.59
  • 3.51
  • 3.51

Cool down – 3.4km

This was a tough tough session. I was promised a hug if I could do them under 4.00 so got 5/6 of a hug. The last 300m coach jumped in and I tried to catch him…..I couldn’t but came close to puking so I tried.

  • Friday – Recovery Run 5km, 5.37 pace.
  • Saturday – 29km with 23km @ MP

I think I spent all week nervous about this run! I don’t know what gets into my head sometimes but I tend to doubt myself a lot. We had chatted about this and aimed for my MP to be 4.40….which I thought I hadn’t a hope of achieving. Rick was back running with us so I knew I had some company which always helps. But I was up to 90 thinking I would struggle a lot. Well after all that it went fine….what is that saying about worrying being like a rocking chair? I need to remember that next time.

We started off with a slow 3km to warm up. There was a lightning storm when we started so we were just waiting for the storm to hit. And hit it did – the rain was torrential! But in that “it’s amazing and I feel alive’ kind of way. We kept an average pace for the following 23km at 4.37km and eased up again for the final 3. I felt great after for proving to myself I could do it. We were like rats when we finished. But happy rats. J

I didn’t feel too tired for the day…mainly because it involved eating the best homemade jalfreizi, watching dvds and Franman’s delight in discovering TapKing.

  • Sunday – Recovery Run 6km, 5.40

I am getting way better at slowing these down. And just enjoying a nice slow run for what it is.

So I finished up the week with 83km…..a km less than last week. Do I smell taper???

Go wish Ellie good luck today – she is prepping for a ½ marathon PR!

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  1. Awesome week’s work Gill. You are going to kick this marathon up the ass!

    There is something ace about running in the rain isn’t there? I also found that when it was snowing here. Everything was so still and pretty, I felt like I was intruding.

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