Monday Musings


Well hello there. It’s been ages… J

The weather is finally picking up here in Perth. We’re having at least 50% blue skies…..summer is on its way! Give me 3 months and I will be moaning about the heat. Here are some things I discovered this week and made me smile. Ok, let me add a disclaimer that I am the most uncool (uncoolest?) person. Ever. So if everything I list here is old hat I apologise. You can just call me something I won’t get anyway.


Is this singer Laura Mvula popular at home? I have been listening to her this week and her album is great….very chilled.


Discovering her music led me to discover she is in the new M&S campaign… I imagine she is pretty popular actually. How fab are these pictures? Fab enough to make you want to shop there? Mmmm…..maybe not. 😉



I love all the people they picked though – all very interesting women who have a great point of view. When I grow up I want to be Helen Mirren.

Did you read Caitlin Morans book “How to be a woman”? (I just realised this post is taking a very “yey women tone”….not intentional but always welcome) Well if you did you will know her funny, touch self-deprecating style. Her article My posthumous advice for my daughter” is great and has some great advice I could definitely take onboard…including…..‘Nine times out of ten, you probably aren’t having a full-on nervous breakdown – you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit’


How beautiful are these pictures of “Ballet Dancers in Random Situations” – click through to see all of them.



And finally, who doesn’t know something that would like this. Make your own Bacon Kit!! An awesome stocking filler.

Speaking of, check out Jim Gaffigan’s sketch on this very topic…..very funny! “Bits of bacon are like fairy dust of the food community” :)

Have a great day,

Gilly J

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  1. Yes! Laura Mvula is so cool isn’t she. I much prefer her to Emeli Sande, who is everywhere at the moment. I love that M&S ad, but Tracy Emin makes me laugh: she looks like she’d prefer to be *anywhere* else in all of them.

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