30 sleeps to go – Marathon Training Week 14


Another week down with no injuries, accidents or desire to cancel my ticket to Melbourne. That’s a win in my book! J

This week was my 5th last week so I am still in the midst of full on training. I am beginning to count down until all this intensity is finished…..my kingdom for a taper.


  • Tuesday – Long Intervals

This week I had 4/3/4 km intervals as opposed to the usual 3km repeats. I spoke with my coach just before I started and the aim was to do the 4km at my ½ marathon pace and the 3km around 4.18. According to my program this is 4.37….but coach reckoned 4.30 was more realistic. I ended up doing them faster than planned…….finishing the last set as my fastest is apparently a good sign for upcoming races. Personally I think I finish them faster to get them over and done with. J

Warm Up – 4.6km

4km / 3km / 4km Intervals:

  • 4.18
  • 4.18
  • 4.11

Cool down – 1.5km

  • Wednesday – 8km Endurance Run @ 5.15

The weather was torrential on Wednesday morning….crazy windy and bucketing down. But I knew if I didn’t do it in the morning I would think of excuses all day. I even checked the treadmill – which I HATE! – in our complex gym but it’s broken. So someone wanted me to run outside. The wind was worse on the way back which kept me at a nice slow pace. See….glass half full!

  • Thursday – Progression run

Another really really windy day but not as much rain. We ran around the Swan River in Perth….there was one section where I just felt like I was running backwards! I couldn’t get to the pace I wanted….but all the other splits were ok so it felt like a successful session.

Coach wanted me to start at 4.55. One of the hardest things about these runs is trying to stick to the pace….you want it just like Goldilocks….just right.

2km sets

  • 4.54
  • 4.46
  • 4.42 – this was meant to be 4.35 but I just couldn’t get there with the wind!
  • 4.27
  • 4.13
  • 4.04 – I nearly puked here. Again.


Cool down – 2.2km


  • Friday – Recovery Run 5km

Don’t tell coach but I skipped this!!! I had a really early meeting and I just felt like giving my legs a break. No guilt whatsoever.

  • Saturday – Program called for a 27km long run…..coach and Jarrad had other plans.

More torrential rain…..but no wind thankfully! You win some, you lose some. I turned up at 6am on Saturday morning ready to run a nice slow 27km run in Kings Park with my partner in crime, Jarrad. Just as we were setting off someone asked us our planned pace….I was just about to say slow when I hear Jarrad say 4.45. What the……I don’t remember agreeing to that!! But he and coach had other plans which had been hatched the night prior.

We started off nice and brisk – ie. fast for me – and until we hit about 13km we were averaging 4.44ish. I was finding this run tougher than usual; not sure if it was tired legs, a faster pace or what but I wasn’t feeling the love. At about 13/14km we saw our coach run towards us. I immediately fixed my form from “dragged knuckles” to “happy upright smiling runner” and gave him a wave.

Jarrad then informed me he would be returning to join us for the tempo section in a few minutes. The what???? The tempo section? I nearly cried. And to make matters worse it turns out we were going to incorporate 4km of hills in Kings Park as part of this tempo. Friggin’ awesome. In these situations you do what you gotta do……moan. I told coach I was finding today really hard and I was tired. He told me to ‘plan to be even more tired in 30 minutes’. This was just what I needed, no indulging me, just suck it up princess.

We stopped to take some gels and started off at a fast pace….I was seeing 4.05 on my watch. Then we hit the hills. The point of this Tempo run was to prove to ourselves we are strong on the hills. The Melbourne marathon has a hill at around 37km and what we were about to do was about 30% harder than that will be. Coach said to focus on effort not pace….try and keep the effort the same and just get them done as fast as possible.

Like an ass I forgot to turn my watch back on after our gel stop and only realised halfway through the tempo section. So I am not sure entirely what it took me in pace. I’m going to say amazingly fast. It was tough but once I got to the top I was ok and I have to admit it feels good to have done it and know we are able for it. We stopped for a quick bathroom break for the menfolk and coach suggested a fast 8km home.

We did that last section faster than the start of our run. I really recommend doing this if you can. It’s tough and you won’t like it. But it proves mentally to yourself you can finish strong as well as training your legs.

Last 8m of 30km run

We ended up at around 30km (basing on Jarrads Strava as mine was short) with an average pace of 4.37. So way faster, harder, longer than I anticipated. These are the sessions that will hopefully count on d-day.

And with that another long run down…..only 3 more Saturdays to go!

  • Sunday – Recovery Run 6km, 5.30 pace.

The weather has finally picked up here so this was a nice easy run.

  • Week total 74km.

So another week done and dusted…..feels great to tick them off. I am doing a ½ marathon this Sunday so hopefully this week will be a little lighter on the intensity! There are some great gals from the club going down so should be a fun time.

Have a great weekend. Gill J


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    • Hey! Thanks hon – looking forward to the taper! I wasn’t too impressed at the bottom of the hill but was glad when we got to the top! Gill :)

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