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Last week felt a bit haphazard…..I did a ½ Marathon race on Sunday so I didn’t have a long run on Saturday. I also took Friday as a rest day and Thursday was an easy enough session. Sunday was supposed to be a predictor session for my Marathon Pace in Melbourne. However the weather wasn’t playing ball – it was pretty windy – so I didn’t get to run the pace I could.


Winds of 35km/h – 60km/h predicted!!

On the upside my good pal the baking jogger blogger and I ran the marathon as a relay. And we took our first female team! Which was so exciting! But for some reason I still felt a bit disappointed on the way back to Perth. I think it was as I had a goal pace in my head and I didn’t achieve that. Everyone’s paces were out due to the strong winds and in my head I know it’s logical. However as the race was about pace prediction I felt like it was a bit of a waste of a week. You know what helps though….writing out these recaps. I thought last week was a waste until I went through Strava and realised I did an awesome Yasso session on Tuesday. I tend to focus on what I have not done so reading what you have is great.


  • Tuesday – Yasso 800’s

This was my second Yasso 800’s of my marathon program and I saw a huge improvement from my first session. I posted the full workout last week with my splits

I went from an average of about 3.25 mins to 3.10.

  • Wednesday – 8km Endurance Run @ 5.24

Nice easy 8km Recovery Run


  • Thursday – Short Intervals

So we have this workout we call Limestone Laps. As we run laps around the entrance of a limestone quarry. The workout is sprint a lap then about a 30 second active recovery and repeat 11 times. As I was racing on Sunday I only had to do 7; it felt like Christmas!

Warm up –bike 3km to session and 1.3km run warm up.

7 laps of 600m

  • 2.09 mins.      3.44 pace
  • 2.12 mins      3.49 pace
  • 2.09 mins     3.49 pace
  • 2.12 mins     3.55 pace
  • 2.10 mins     3.47 pace
  • 2.09 mins     3.50 pace

Cool down – 1.3km


  • Friday & Saturday – Rest days before race


  • Sunday – ½ Marathon Race.

I will do a proper recap of this later this week. Suffice to say this was mentally the hardest run I have ever done. It was 2 * 10km laps and there was a brutal headwind for 10km of it. Unfortunately we didn’t get much of a tail wind the other way! But psychologically it was awesome to not run into the wind. The last 5km I turned back into the wind and I wanted to cry it was so hard. But thankfully I got through it. And as a pal said not quitting or giving up was the best lesson and probably more important than running under perfect race conditions. Anyone can perform when everything is perfect. It’s when the chips are down that we need to fight. And now I know I can get through a tough race. Baking and I ended up coming first in the female relay and the next team was 13 minutes back. So everyone was struggling I think! I ran 21.1km in 1.34.24 – 4.27km pace.


After the baking jogger blogger smashed her leg and took us to the win. Yes….I know, I am short. 

  • Week total 50km

A low week from a km perspective but a tough week none the less. I’m into my third last week and nearly at taper. Based on how underwhelmed I felt this week with a softer week I think tapering will be hard!


Have a great weekend. Gill J

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