I just don’t know what to do with myself


Happy Tuesday everyone….. Not sure if people legitimately say that, but I’m working some positivity into my day.


At the moment I’m in a weird place where I’m teetering on the edge of injury. Not to be all dramatic – it’s not that bad. It started off as a twinge in my knee, and in typical ‘I know best, I’m an amateur runner’ style, I ignored it until now when it flares up now even when walking quickly.


So. My plan is to chill out and try to rehab it. But that’s easier said than done! It’s so boring not going running. I’m foam rolling, I’m  stretching, I’m strengthening. We’re almost at the end of both Breaking Bad and Orange is the new Black, which makes all that easier (How good is Orange, and how nasty is Walter White!!). I’d like to try swimming for my cardio too.


I have a 10k trail run this weekend, and a 10k obstacle course next weekend. And I really don’t want to drop out, so until then I’m keeping off the concrete and on the couch. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad!


Lesson: don’t think you’re too strong for injury just cos you’re good at cross training (which I think I am)! If your twinge starts to get worse, your body is warning you about something……


In other running news, the Tempest Runners met for the third time last night. This is a running group I started at my dance school. Last night we worked on pacing and consistency, and they ran 3*1k with a 2 min  break in between each one. The aim was to maintain consistency in each one, and they succeeded fabulously. Hopefully this will help with the obstacle course in a few weeks!


Gilly has her marathon on the same weekend as I have my obstacle course. I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around!! Here is some help for your taper Gilly, I bet it must be weird to reduce after working so hard for so long. You’ve done brilliantly already – I can’t wait to see what you do on the day.


In non-running news, we had a GORGEOUS weekend up here in the North East! SB and I made the most of it by going to our favourite coffee shop three times (I missed it after our week away), by going for a picnic and by going to the driving range. I feel I’m making some progress with my golf swing: I only completely missed the ball about 30% of the time. 😉



Hope you’re all having a great week!

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