Things I learned at 30

Short Shorts

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m turning the big 3-1. As in 31. This one feels like a definite shift of era: no longer anywhere near mid-20s. Or late 2os. And so I wanted to share what I’d learned/noticed at the age of 30. Sit back and enjoy the wisdom:

– I started getting some grey hairs literally the day after my 30th birthday

– You look at youth fashion with a mix of bemusement and horror. Exhibit A:

Short Shorts

Girls, do you know what you’re (not) wearing?!

– When you get a mortgage, it will tell you the total amount you’ll be paying for your house. So you can see how much interest is added onto the price. And it makes you want to cry.

– A weekend away with friends involves cooking good food and relaxing while the babies sleep rather than spending all your money on night out and a kebab. And everyone prefers it that way. Especially your feet – no high heels!!

– You have more money you did in your 20s, so now you can afford that awesome dress you’ve been coveting. But now you’re just too old to wear it.

– You feel smug waking up at a reasonable hour on a Saturday morning sans hangover, having had a perfectly respectable dinner with your friends. Exhibit B:


And we were all home by 11!

– Saving for a pensions seems like a smart thing to do (though still a boring conversation topic)

– Your Facebook wall is full of children and marathon times

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3 thoughts on “Things I learned at 30

  1. Man, they are all so true. Especially now I am a boring non drinker. The short shorts are the worst – I spend all my lunchtime in the city shocked at young ones. :(

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