Marathon Training Week 16 & 17


So these last 2 weeks have been crazy with work and life. So 2 recaps in 1. My running schedule has reduced dramatically so will be a nice quick recap today. Just an FYI, for those who don’t know. I am now in Week 18…ie the final week!!!! And nervous as anything. My confidence isn’t where I want it to be, to be honest. So this coming week is all about convincing myself I can do this.


Week 16

  • Monday – rest


  • Tuesday – Rest. It was supposed to be Hill Intervals but I was shattered after the ½ so took a day off. And felt as guilty as if I had hit a child. L


  • Wednesday – 8km run @5.12 pace


  • Thursday – Hill Progression Run.

    I ran this with one of the more experienced runners in the group. Experienced means represented South Africa in Triathlon at the World Championships, has raced Kona and about 50 marathons. And apparently the Ironman races don’t count in that 50! He was ‘taking it easy’ so decided to run with me. Confidence booster right there. It was great to run with him though. He is super humble and knowledgeable so when I could talk I asked him loads of questions. He kept repeating, trust your training. All the evidence – your training diary – shows you have this Just trust in it. Easier said than done this time for some reason!

    It was supposed to be a hill progression run but we kept forgetting what we should have done and ran more like a tempo.

    Each section 2km and pace of:

  • 4.48
  • 4.30
  • 4.29
  • 4.22
  • 4.22
  • 4.19


  • Friday – 6km recovery run

My ankle was a little sore on Thursday but on Friday morning it was really bad. I was really stressed by the time I got back to the house. At this stage any niggle or twinge just freaks me out. I assumed the worst and had an internal meltdown at work thinking all my training was for nothing. A colleague had me ice my ankle all day and told me to skip my Saturday run.


  • Saturday – run moved to Sunday. I spent the whole day wondering ‘was that sore…..was that sore” every time I walked.


  • Sunday – last long run – 25.8km @ 4.34 pace

    I did this run down south in Dunsborough as we were camping for the bank holiday weekend. My ankle felt fine – huge relief!!
    I wanted to start off fairly normal and then thrown in a MP section. It looked like this:


    The MP section started at 8km and I stopped at around 19km. But I kept a fairly even pace after anyway. When I am freaking out on Saturday night I need to look at this workout; these splits felt fine and will remind me I am capable of my goals.


Week 17 – First week of taper!!!!


  • Monday – rest day


  • Tuesday – 5*Mile repeats.

I messed this session up as I thought we were doing 3*3km. So I ran to the wrong starting point. After about 10 minutes of no one else arriving I realised I had got the wrong one so thought would just do 3*3km by myself. About 1km in, I saw everyone running in the opposite direction shouting mile repeats at me. Sugar!! I like them! So I turned around and joined them. My first mile was a little slower as I started off at 3km pace.

  • 4.18
  • 4.03
  • 4.08
  • 4.00
  • 4.03


  • Wednesday – 15km @ 4.40

I ran this after work which was silly as it was hot and humid and left me with tired legs for Thursday.


  • Thursday – (4*500m + 2km) * 2

I always run to the start of the sessions and wait for everyone there. This morning I saw the baking jogger blogger arrive and I was delighted. We don’t get to run much together and I was delighted to have company for this session. I find it one of the hardest and she is so strong and always pushes me home!

  • First Lap
    • 3.53
    • 3.42
    • 3.49
    • 3.42
    • 4.10 – 2km


  • Second Lap
    • 4.00
    • 4.04
    • 3.57
    • 3.51
    • 4.12 – 2km


  • Friday – Rest day


  • Saturday – 18.2km Medium Long Run

I couldn’t find my Garmin so not too sure on splits. But we took it easy and did 18.2km in 1.29 – so about 4.54 pace.


So that’s it…I am onto the final week now and beginning to have all the usual taper madness. Doubting my training. Not believing in myself. I think it is because I have a set goal and it’s quite lofty. Last year I just wanted a PR and considering my training scheduled wasn’t great the first time around that wasn’t a hard goal. This time I am really challenging myself. So we’ll see what happens on Sunday.

Have a good one. :)

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  1. wow great recap! good luck, i just did a marathon on saturday and was reminded that they are so tough but rewarding!
    great blog!

    • Hey Emi! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Well done on your marathon! And how impressive is your Mom!!! 40 marathons! Stay in touch. Gilly :)

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