Final Friday….

Educating Yorkshire: teacher Matthew Burton reads to his class

…. It’s the final Friday before our big weekend. Both Gilly and I have events: I have the Newcastle Stampede with my dancing friends (Team Tempest Warriors), and Gilly has…. her marathon!!


I don’t have any other events planned after this one, so I want to make it count! Prep so far has consisted of eating lots of food. That comes with having a birthday, and I’m hoping all these pop tarts will have a delayed conversion into slow burning energy. I’m married to a scientist, so I’m qualified to make these kind of statements you know. ‘Respect the Chemistry’, as Walter White would say.


This week has also seen a trip to London for work. As a result, the only exercise I’ve gotten this week has been negotiating my way on the underground, and through the sea of pedestrians. I also made myself walk up every escalator, but that was more from impatience than an exercise agenda.


That was the plan though – after last weekend’s trail run, I wanted to take this week easy so I could attack the Stampede with the strength it deserves! I did Total Warrior in 1hr44, so I’m aiming for faster this time around. The weather, and my twinges, will be challenging, but not enough to keep this warrior down…..


Since this week has been light on the training front, here’s what I’m loving this week:

  • Pop Tarts. In case you didn’t guess. SB got me TWO BOXES, and they’re going way too fast. Pop Tarts are only for birthday treats, because once I start buying them normally, I may never be able to stop myself.

photo (1)

Love them so much I took a pic.

  • My pink converse trainers. These are the bomb!! England Winter fashion sees a LOT of greys and blacks, and these babies light up any outfit. All I need to do is look at my feet when the grey skies get me down.

photo (2)

See how they brighten up the grey day?

  • Born to Run. I’ve just started this one, and already I really enjoy it. It’s really well-told, and is both entertaining and informative. So far it feels like a novel than a memoir.

photo (3)

  • Educating Yorkshire. The new fly-on-the-wall doco featuring a typical English high school. Each week you follow different students from different years, and their teachers, through the challenges they face. It’s reet proper good.

Educating Yorkshire: teacher Matthew Burton reads to his class

Gilly is in Melbourne now, and will be doing her final bits of prep… please send her all your good wishes as she goes at it on Sunday! We know you’ll do amazingly well. :) <3


Ellie B

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