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I’m not running much at the moment, I want to give myself plenty of time to relax and recover after the race. I’m not itching to get out for a run yet – I did a 10km on Saturday and it felt tough. However I did a boxing class on Friday which killed me! They put me in the ring and everything….I thought it would just be an exercise class. I didn’t realise until the other girl started hitting me! Anyway, I digress. In the absence of running I will do the next best thing for me and talk about my favourite runner. I am very fickle and this will change when I learn about someone else inspiring but at the moment I am all about Kilian Jornet.

I watched a movie called Unbreakable when it was first released and loved it. It’s a documentary about Ultra Running and the Western States 100, which is the oldest and one of the most prestigious and well known ultra-races.  If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s really worth checking it out. Regardless of whether you like running or not you will appreciate the challenge and the great story behind the movie. So put that on your to-do list; Rent Unbreakable. And try and pick the winner. Bet you won’t. J

Now that you are back and have watched the movie I won’t bore you by going into much detail about it here. Essentially it follows four guys looking to win the race. One of these is a young Spanish guy by the name of Kilian Jornet. If you watch the movie you will have been inspired by how young, humble and accomplished he is. He was brought up in the mountains of Spain and has it feels like he was genuinely “Born to Run”. He lives a nomadic life, running in the summer and skiing in the winner.




There are scenes of him bounding down mountains with vertical drops and he is just having fun not racing. It’s mind blowing. In the off season from running he is also a competitive and highly successful ski mountaineer. Check out his blog for an awe inspiring list of everything he has achieved.  Kind of makes you feel lazy right?

Just in case that he doesn’t do enough in his regular job of ultra-runner extraordinaire / ski racer he is also working on a project called “Summits of My Life”



“In addition to being an exceptional skier and mountain runner, we’ll now see Kilian Jornet as an alpinist willing to go the extra mile in an attempt to break the records set on some of the most breathtaking summits in the world It’s a multi-year project where he explores the world’s largest mountains culminating in his attempt to break the ascent and descent record of Mount Everest. He also tries to do it with the least amount of equipment possible, to better feel nature and the mountains.

They are going to make a number of films to document his journey and the first one is called “A Fine Line” which is available to rent or buy on the website.



It revolves around the first two challenges, traversing Mont Blanc from east to west and from north to south. Go and watch this movie. Now. It’s beautiful and inspiring and every other synonym I can’t think of for inspiring. You can see firsthand Kilian’s history, talent, drive and all the crazy risks they take. I was so nervous watching all the ridges and steep declines.  It’s an emotional film, too. Watch it to find out why. Although Kilian is still a runner and skier, this project is about a lifestyle. The website has a list of the projects values they live by.


He writes at the end We are not runners, nor mountain climbers, nor skiers, not even sportsmen. We are people” Awww Kilian, I definitely have a crush now. 




At the risk of sounding like his publicist, if you enjoy the movie or want to know more about him, he also has an awesome book called Run Or Die – really worth a read. If you watch either of the movies, A Fine Line or Unbreakable you will buy this book.

Which runner do you admire?

Have a good one!


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  1. I have yet to watch Unbreakable!! I can’t find it on Amazon – all I get are body builders and Bruce Willis.

    I’m all about Mo at the moment. He’s just released an autobiography, which is nicely timed for Christmas…!

    • Is the Mo book any good? For some reason I am slow to buy it! You can buy Unbreakable on the link to the website at the top of the post – so worth it!

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