Monday Musings


Not having a long run and training at the weekend is weird; I don’t know what to do with myself! Have so much free time to mess about and see people. And not fall asleep at 8pm on a Saturday evening. It’s quite nice!

Here are my favourite picks from what I read this weekend.


How cool is this resume! I work for a large social media company and deal with the Talent side of our company so love stuff like this!!! Interactive Resume


You should follow this blog;  It’s written by Paul Shankman who consults with large companies and brands, is a well known speaker – TED talks etc – and a pretty cool guy.  This article gives you a feel for how he writes – get up early!!!   Some great ideas and lessons to be learnt from his blog both professionally and personally.


I love Granola, mainly as it’s sweet and you are allowed have it for breakfast. But I can never make it as good as I buy; I think that’s because I try to make it healthy. This article solves my never ending battle to get clumps: How to get clumps in your granola using egg white!  Who would have thunk it! Apparently some people don’t like clumps….WTF people! You may as well just eat oat flakes. FYI Food 52 is an awesome resource for recipes.



Source: Food 52


I am going to a wedding in a few weeks and we were told we need to wear wedges as it’s on grass! Horray for wedges. J Hard to find a dressy pair though – they all look very clumpy. My dress is red and I wasn’t sure what colour to go for.

What do you think of the following? Yes / No?


Interesting video clip from an interview with Martha Stewart and how bloggers aren’t experts. I imagine many lifestyle bloggers worship at the feet of Martha Stewart so would be keen to see their reaction. What do you think? Is there a lot of copying in blogs? I follow a few running blogs and often read the same stories around the same time.




Are you dressing up for Halloween? Celebrity Halloween Costumes. Also, Paris Hilton went as Miley………ah the irony!



The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders – an SNL skit about a Wes Anderson Horror Movie. Very funny….or do you have to be a Wes Anderson fan to enjoy?


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