The day after the weeks before

Quit Run


For the last two weeks I’ve been …. plain stinkin lazy a little more unproductive on the running side. There were reasons for the break, but I didn’t expect a two week hiatus!


Even when you have the most valid of reasons not to run, sometimes not going can feel like a cop out, or like you’re cheating. Even thoughthis was a semi-planned break for me, I found myself going on a bit of a ‘runners journey’ which I will detail here for your pleasure:


  • Days 1-3: decided to rest knee after Stampede. Felt good about my choice, and mature that I knew when to put my body first. Running positive rating: 4/5
  • Days 4-7: focused on cross training. Got some serious pole, metafit & abs action in. Kept my running crave happy via reading blogs, Born to Run and Runners World. Running positive rating: 4/5
  • Days 8-10: traveled with work (read early mornings, delayed trains, late dinners). Came down with a cold, and experienced knee pain after two days in high heels. Read my running stuff, felt frustrated for not going running. Consoled myself with KFC and cupcakes. r Running positive rating: 2/5. Comfort food satisfaction: 5/5
  • Days 11-13: got over cold, and mum came for the weekend (mothers make everything better). Started to wonder how I fitted running into my days. Read my running stuff for interest, knew I had to be careful not to lose the mojo in a serious way! Running positive rating: 3/5
  • Day 14: Went for a run! Did a small run with my dance/running group. It blew away the cobwebs, and …. SUCCESS! My knee didn’t ache. It wasn’t long way, or amazingly fast, but it was a pain-free run for the first time in months. Celebrated with some foam rolling and dinner out. Running positive rating: 4/5


As you can see, it was deep stuff. I was pretty hard on myself when I couldn’t run, and started playing the comparison game (comparing yourself to every single runner who is faster/stronger/better than you). Believe me, it’s not a great game to play! As soon as I started running yesterday, my mojo came back. It reminded me of the pleasures to be had from running that weren’t related to your maintaining goal-pace, or trying to make up for lost training time: fresh air, those fabulous endorphin highs, and the knowledge that I can eat more cupcakes.

Quit Run

I’m going on a run tomorrow to make the most of this gorgeous Autumn weather. It won’t be a long one, or a fast one, but hopefully another pain free one……


And finally, if you get the UK Runner’s World magazine this month, you may see someone familiar….. only my good pal George Nicholson!!



SB has recorded The Shining and keeps trying to put it on. This is the third time he’s tried ….. I am going to see how long I can watch before I huge scaredy cat and run upstairs to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. A different type of scary family.


2 thoughts on “The day after the weeks before

  1. I hear Mo Farah’s nutritionist recommended he eat more KFC & cupcakes* – it’s all good!
    I dont think I know one runner that doesnt own a roller. The roller industry must be booming!

    Now that it’s getting cold (at least it was this morning) what are you all doing for kit? Recomendation and reviews? Also Chelle is keen on a 10K …. keen?

    * To quote Brass Eye “There’s no actual evidence for it, but it is a fact”

    • I reckon Mo likes cupcakes & KFC too. There’s no other explanation for his speed & talent!

      Mostly I wear the brand of our local running shop, Start Fitness, which is More Mile. It’s pretty good, and not too pricey either:

      Generally I’d wear longer running leggings/tights, a vest and a long sleeved top, and a headband/hat for my ears. Unless it’s snowing or icy I don’t bother with skins – now we live up North my tough-o-meter is off the charts 😉

      I’m definitely up for a 10k! We’re doing one in Hampshire where we used to live, but shall we look for a London one too?

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