Uneventful Running

It’s been a strange few running weeks recently: not having an upcoming event/race goal has changed my recent running habits.


On the one hand, there’s less pressure in working towards a time goal. It’s nice not to have to send myself out for hill sprints, or interval training, and it feels like a luxury to think ‘what shall i run today?


On the other hand, there’s much less structure, and if it’s too dark/windy/rainy/my lunch was too big then it’s easier to tell myself to stay indoors.


When you’re working towards something, at times it can sometimes feel like you’re taking all the fun out of something you enjoy. During my 9 mile run today, it was lovely to enjoy the weather, the scenery and the feeling of running for fun – even when I had a stitch from running too fast down a hill.


How nice was good ol’ Durham today?



However, reaching your goal on race day definitely makes up for all those tough training sessions, about 100 times over I’d say! And I really like having a goal to work towards: something to aim for, to try and beat your expectations. My first event next year is a 10k with my friends from school, and I’m so excited to run with them :)


Next year, when marathon training starts, I know I’ll have some challenges ahead. So for now, it’s really nice to be able to get in a few ‘junk miles’ and remind myself of why I started running: to keep fit, to get out in the fresh air in all seasons, and to enjoy some space with my thoughts. Because I can be very philosophical when I want to be.


This week, I did a total of 20 miles:

  • Monday: 3 miles to my Tempest running club, 3.5 miles with the club (10.4k)
  • Wednesday: 4.6 miles with the Striders (7.5k)
  • Saturday: 9 miles around Durham (15k)


We have had our dishwasher for one week now, and it has revolutinised the way we live. After 2.5 years without one, I had started to believe that these so-called machines that wash your dishes were a urban myth. Oh how my evenings have changed!


Apart from the washing machine, we have also put our Christmas decorations up. Life is much better when there’s a Christmas tree in your living room I reckon. Even though it’s still November.


How does everyone else find running without a race goal?


Ellie B





Juicemaster Juice Cleanse Day 2


Ok, I’m not going to lie, today was hard!

Breakfast was the Super Detox Smoothie; you juice up pineapple and then blend it with yogurt, blueberries, blackberries and ice. It was so good and filling. We used Chobani greek yoghurt so it was super creamy. The recipe made about a glass and a half each. The minute we finished the second glass we both though – damn, we should have saved that for mid-morning. So that’s my tip of the day for you.


Super Detox Smoothie


I was fine for the morning; work was busy so didn’t have time to focus on it. I had 2 meetings before lunch and during the second I was getting distracted. But no big deal. Lunch sucked. It was the Dreamy detox, which tasted fine. But it was a small portion and had no avocado or yoghurt so not too satisfying. It’s made from apples, lemon, cucumber, celery and ginger.  After I made it, I was thinking f**k, lunch will be hard. Now, I know you’re thinking, celery?? WTF? But it’s not that bad. I HATE celery. Like I find the smell when cutting it repulsive, so I was surprised I could take this juice. But it was fine.


Dreamy detox

We were supposed to have the H20 detox mid afternoon but I had it straight after, I just couldn’t wait. By 3pm I was really struggling. I love my job and have no problem being at work, but yesterday I was checking the clock every few minutes. Nearly panicking at the prospect of working for the afternoon. I mainlined herbal tea for the afternoon and collapsed when I got home. I wasn’t tired or crazy hungry just really distracted by it and I had an awful headache. And I was definitely “not my best self”. :)

Franman was really struggling too. Unlike me he usually doesn’t complain.  so when he got home and  was suffering I knew he must have been bad. said it was like an awful hangover. He is also detoxing from coffee so that’s not helping. After we had our evening juice, the Beyond Detox we both felt a lot better. But still not amazing.

There are coaching videos on the app that you are supposed to watch each morning. We had forgotten so watched them all last night. Jason talks about day 2 being the worst and having headaches etc. he also says the hunger isn’t real. You are getting enough nutrients and calories in the drinks so you shouldn’t be hungry. But as you are changing your diet drastically and you aren’t chewing your body craves food. And sugar, salt etc if you eat a lot of them. I agree there – I was craving McDonalds last night which I never eat!

The videos are really useful if you are doing this. Jason Vale is crazy enthusiastic. But it’s in a good way; he is very motivating and explains things really well. he also reiterates, its only 3 days, you are getting enough nutrients and by virtue of the fact that you can download an app, go out and buy all this produce and own a juicer, your life isn’t too bad!

Overall, day 2 was way harder than day 1. But this is normal and day 3 is supposed to be better again. Fingers crossed.

I am giving Day 2 a 7 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. One more day, whooooo!!

Juicemaster Juice Cleanse Day 1


So I’m onto day 2 and still alive. And there was much rejoicing.

First thing after you wake, you are supposed to have hot water and lemon. Bla. I know it’s supposed to be good for you but it’s still lemony water. Models always swear by this…..but I can’t see how it can make that much of a difference. It was nice and refreshing and that’s all I can say about lemony water.

Afterwards I made the breakfast juice which was the “Juice Master’s Detox Special”. It’s made from apples, carrot, lemon, yellow capsicum, cucumber, celery , broccoli and beet. After you juice all of that (not full amounts of each veg) you blend it with an avocado. This juice was really tasty and filling – the avocado makes a big difference. It made me feel optimistic about the rest of the cleanse.


His and Her’s



I was thinking about food all morning. Which is silly as I never fixate on food at 9am. So obviously the fact that I couldn’t have anything that made me think of it. I kept double checking my hunger levels…..”am I hungry now?”….”how about now?”Lunch was the same juice as breakfast – this is the only time you repeat drinks. It was fine though as it was a tasty juice. 

Mid afternoon you get to have a “H2O detox” which is a small juice of beet, apple, pineapple and lemon mixed with 750ml of water. Jason says this is his version of a sports drink and he used it in the London and NY marathon. It was nice but I don’t think I’ll be using it in place of sports drinks in a race. I tried to google his marathon times but can’t find them, so unless someone can confirm he did a sub 3 hour marathon I will take his advice with a pinch of salt. If the pros start drinking it mid race I’ll think about it.



Juices for work


Dinner was “Beyond Detox” – which has apple, spinach, beet, cucumber, parsley and avocado. It tasted good but I was ready to eat my hand by dinner. So anything would have tasted good. I tried to make it last but drank it in about 2 minutes. About an hour after I still felt hungry so treated myself to an herbal tea. Oh, the fun we have in the Power household.


I LOVE juice


Overall the day wasn’t too bad. You feel hungry but not famished. However I spent all evening dreaming about the breakfast smoothie for Day 2! Jason Vale recommends exercising twice a day for 30 minutes but I don’t know how people do that. I decided to forgo exercise this week.

I am giving Day 1 a 4 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

Tune in for Day 2 tomorrow J


Build Your Own Community

The past week my running energy has been zapped. I couldn’t get away at lunch for some cheeky miles, and by the time the work day ends, it’s dark and dropping towards 0 degrees. When this happens, I rely on my ‘virtual network’ to re-energise my mind and make me want to get out there.


I’ll be the first to admit an unhealthy addiction to social media on my iphone. Not during dinner though, that would be rude. Since working from home, Facebook is a way of keeping in touch with the outside world, and from there I’ve branched out into other social media addictions. I’m nothing if not well-rounded.


Social media is such a great way to connect with others without leaving your house. Or in this instance, to try and encourage you to leave your house for that run! I find these accounts so helpful when all I want to do is curl up in a ball with a bag of mini-Twirls and Keeping Up With the Kardashians (please keep reading in spite of my awesome highly questionable taste):


  • @UKRunChat (Twitter) – connects runners on Twitter. Retweets and responds to all running comments, and holds #runchatter sessions where you can tweet any questions or comments with other runners. Reminds you that whatever the weather, people are out there running! Follow them, or use the #runchat tag
  • @RunningHumor (Twitter) – Sometimes tweets hilarity that makes you think ‘oh my god yes!!’, and other times tweets encouragement to get you out the door. Here are some of my faves from the weekend:

Running Probs

  • Running_Fanatics (Instagram) – Filled with pictures and quotes that break through any mental barrier you may have. Not too cheesy, really encouraging, and makes you feel like a bad ass for just thinking about running. Sunday’s one was particularly appropriate:

Running Fanatics

Runner’s World can also send you a Quote of the Day to help inspire you as you check your e-mails first thing in the morning. I know I’m not the only one to do that! This morning’s quote was: ‘Passion is pushing myself when there is no one else around – just me and the road’, Ryan Shay.


I like that running is a solitary sport that can be done anywhere, however it leaves you with no excuses when you’re not feeling the love! Hopefully you’ll find your inspiration to keep going in Winter, and these might just help you out as well.


I read this article today about how Rebecca Adlington – holder of four Olympic medals – feels too insecure to wear a bikini around Miss GB Amy Willerton. At first, I thought: how nice that someone with that much talent and opportunity is still struck by the same insecurities as the rest of is us Josephine Publics. But as I read on, I was soon ashamed of my own natural reaction! Instead of being pleased that someone else felt the same insecurities as me, I should have riled against another woman feeling that she has to prove herself through her appearance yet again. To be honest, I’ve not watched the show, so I can’t comment beyond this article. But still. Most girls will recognise the awkward pain when you feel you’re the ugly sidekick, and it’s not good. Onya Rebecca, keep that fit, healthy, beautiful, well-accomplished chin up!


Finally – our DISHWASHER was installed today!!!!!! Unlike Australia, houses over here don’t seem to come with dishwashers, and for 2.5 years my poor hands and nails have suffered the cruel and unusual effects of dish pan hands. No more, my friend, no more, for we now have the magic washer who will take away all my problems!* Anyone want to come round for dinner?


Ellie B


* Ahem. I am aware of the irony of writing about a dishwasher saving me from the dry-hands, split-nail torture that is dish pan hands directly after shouting about body insecurities. What can I say, I like pretty nails.

Jason Vale – Juicemaster – 3 day cleanse


As I said in a previous post Fran and I watched Hungry for Change a few weeks ago and were really impressed. However since then, despite talking about making a change with our diets – less sugar etc – we have done the opposite! Since the marathon I have been taking a break from running and combined with a bad diet I feel like I could do with a super dose of goodness! So we have decided to do a 3 day juice cleanse. Not to lose weight, but more like a kick in the backside! We have a juicer and use it sporadically but not as often as I like and I still don’t juice enough vegetables. So I also really wanted to get some ideas on how to make nice vegetable based juices.

I decided on Jason Vales plan for 2 reasons. One it has an awesome app and thus makes it super easy and doable. I’m a sucker for a good app. Secondly, I read his book about giving up drink back in January and it was magic. I haven’t had a drop since. He was also featured in the movie so Franman ‘trusts’ him.

I downloaded the app a few days ago and it’s really easy to use. There is a lot of info to get you ready, advice on juicers etc so you feel prepared going into it. Each day is laid out with recipes and you can download a shopping list which makes it very useful. He also includes some videos – man, this guy LOVES juicing!



We bought all the supplies today; I will be eating 50% of the produce below over the next few days. God love my stomach. There are 40 apples alone! However besides those and some pineapple and blueberries it’s mainly vegetables.



Jason reckons that in three days, I’ll have a flatter stomach, a better mental state and I won’t want to eat so much junk food. We’ll see. He also says to not watch any TV for three days as it’s a “mind polluter” but that’s just bollocks so I’m going to ignore that bit.

Each day starts with a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. And then you have 4 juices over the course of the day. Fingers crossed I won’t be starving going to bed! For the next few days I will report back on how each day went, whether I liked the juices – already I am dreading the amount of celery I had to buy – and what the pros and cons of the program are. I won’t track my weight as I don’t really weight myself and this isn’t about weight. However if Franman notices anything I will let you know! Here’s hoping I achieve that mental clarity Jason thinks is coming my way.