Well, Perth seemed to skip Spring and jump right through to Summer! We are sweltering here at work! Thank heavens Perth is on the coast – lots of beach time. I run at 6am tomorrow and it will be 23C (77F) – in retrospect training for the marathon is easier in the winter here!


So what’s catching my eye this Friday? Keeping me from clearing my desk? Planning for this sunny weekend! Oh, before I begin. Did you see this article about runners in the Wall Street Journal? It’s so silly it makes me think it was written purely for publicity. There are a lot of rebuttals already – what do you think?


I bought this playsuit (can a 33 year old wear a ‘playsuit’?) for a bbq tomorrow. And cannot wait to wear it! Would you do wedges or flats?




We are having my colleagues and their kids over for a bbq / pool party on Sunday and  I’m in charge of salads. This is what I am thinking so far…..any other ideas?


Pea, Mint & Avocado salad – Nigella Lawson

Roasted pumpkin and quinoa salad –

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Sandwiches

And it wouldn’t be a party without Rachel Allen cake

If I was allowed I’d get this flatware from West Elm for the bbq…….



New York Magazine recently ran a story about gadget sickness, or how a phone can drive you nuts. What do you think? Would you leave your phone off all weekend? I am terrible for checking my phone and ipad. I definitely need a detox and want to start turning it off on Saturdays.


Have good one J

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  1. That jumpsuit is fab. Where’s it from? Love that Wall St Journal piece – I don’t think a journalist could write a more pointless article. And he got paid for it?! Some of the comments on it are brilliant.

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