Have a fabulous weekend



What are you up to this weekend? Franman and I are getting closer and closer to settling on our house – can’t believe it. We found the house back in April and it feels like it will never happen. But we’re at the buying fridges and sofas stage so getting there!

I started this book last night  – Angriest Trainer – It had great reviews online but for me it’s only ok.


It’s too hot for scarves and gloves in Perth, even in winter! But if I lived back in Ireland I would be getting these!

C Wonder



How fabulous are these cake servers? I think they would make a lovely “Secret Santa” gift for a baking loving pal.

Tart servers

I ordered some Christmas cards yesterday. I really wanted to do an ironic Christmas jumper photo card but Franman was having none of it. This was as personalised as I was allowed. If you want to get something similar I used www.minted.com – so many options and if you wait they always have a promo on.



Oh, on another note, have you seen this story doing the rounds? Are we still allowed kill animals for fun?


Lately, I am obsessed with the idea of monogramming. I know it’s super naff and I blame American home ware websites. But sue me, I love it! If anyone is stuck for a present for me for Christmas this would do……


Cocktail Napkins


I’ve been trying to find some cool vintage photographs for the new house and came across these rare photos of famous people.


If you have no plans this weekend, go and see this movie. I cannot stress how good it was! Broke my heart as it’s one of James Galdolfini’s last movies. But also made me laugh. It’s just great.


I love love love Christmas tunes. I’ve been caught listening to the Pandora Christmas station in work too many times. But I’ll be the first to admit they can grate after a while. I found this (free or pay what you like) digital download of three Christmas albums and have been loving them. There are 3 albums and hopefully a fourth new one this year. you can download them here


have a lovely weekend!

Gill xx

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  1. Did you notice that those cards from Minted almost all said The McAllister Family?
    #Kevin #HomeAlone #HadToHashtagTheMovieNameInCasePeopleDidntGetIt #IsThereACharacterLimitOnHashta…

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