Juicemaster Juice Cleanse Day 1



So I’m onto day 2 and still alive. And there was much rejoicing.

First thing after you wake, you are supposed to have hot water and lemon. Bla. I know it’s supposed to be good for you but it’s still lemony water. Models always swear by this…..but I can’t see how it can make that much of a difference. It was nice and refreshing and that’s all I can say about lemony water.

Afterwards I made the breakfast juice which was the “Juice Master’s Detox Special”. It’s made from apples, carrot, lemon, yellow capsicum, cucumber, celery , broccoli and beet. After you juice all of that (not full amounts of each veg) you blend it with an avocado. This juice was really tasty and filling – the avocado makes a big difference. It made me feel optimistic about the rest of the cleanse.


His and Her’s



I was thinking about food all morning. Which is silly as I never fixate on food at 9am. So obviously the fact that I couldn’t have anything that made me think of it. I kept double checking my hunger levels…..”am I hungry now?”….”how about now?”Lunch was the same juice as breakfast – this is the only time you repeat drinks. It was fine though as it was a tasty juice. 

Mid afternoon you get to have a “H2O detox” which is a small juice of beet, apple, pineapple and lemon mixed with 750ml of water. Jason says this is his version of a sports drink and he used it in the London and NY marathon. It was nice but I don’t think I’ll be using it in place of sports drinks in a race. I tried to google his marathon times but can’t find them, so unless someone can confirm he did a sub 3 hour marathon I will take his advice with a pinch of salt. If the pros start drinking it mid race I’ll think about it.



Juices for work


Dinner was “Beyond Detox” – which has apple, spinach, beet, cucumber, parsley and avocado. It tasted good but I was ready to eat my hand by dinner. So anything would have tasted good. I tried to make it last but drank it in about 2 minutes. About an hour after I still felt hungry so treated myself to an herbal tea. Oh, the fun we have in the Power household.


I LOVE juice


Overall the day wasn’t too bad. You feel hungry but not famished. However I spent all evening dreaming about the breakfast smoothie for Day 2! Jason Vale recommends exercising twice a day for 30 minutes but I don’t know how people do that. I decided to forgo exercise this week.

I am giving Day 1 a 4 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

Tune in for Day 2 tomorrow J


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  1. Well done for day 1! The juices look really tasty. I can imagine how the avocado just thickened the breakfast juice to be quite substantial. I read that hot lemon water at the start of the day is supposed to kick start your metabolism…. I think!

    I hope Day 2 is going well. Looking forward to hearing how it went!

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