Juicemaster Juice Cleanse Day 2



Ok, I’m not going to lie, today was hard!

Breakfast was the Super Detox Smoothie; you juice up pineapple and then blend it with yogurt, blueberries, blackberries and ice. It was so good and filling. We used Chobani greek yoghurt so it was super creamy. The recipe made about a glass and a half each. The minute we finished the second glass we both though – damn, we should have saved that for mid-morning. So that’s my tip of the day for you.


Super Detox Smoothie


I was fine for the morning; work was busy so didn’t have time to focus on it. I had 2 meetings before lunch and during the second I was getting distracted. But no big deal. Lunch sucked. It was the Dreamy detox, which tasted fine. But it was a small portion and had no avocado or yoghurt so not too satisfying. It’s made from apples, lemon, cucumber, celery and ginger.  After I made it, I was thinking f**k, lunch will be hard. Now, I know you’re thinking, celery?? WTF? But it’s not that bad. I HATE celery. Like I find the smell when cutting it repulsive, so I was surprised I could take this juice. But it was fine.


Dreamy detox

We were supposed to have the H20 detox mid afternoon but I had it straight after, I just couldn’t wait. By 3pm I was really struggling. I love my job and have no problem being at work, but yesterday I was checking the clock every few minutes. Nearly panicking at the prospect of working for the afternoon. I mainlined herbal tea for the afternoon and collapsed when I got home. I wasn’t tired or crazy hungry just really distracted by it and I had an awful headache. And I was definitely “not my best self”. :)

Franman was really struggling too. Unlike me he usually doesn’t complain.  so when he got home and  was suffering I knew he must have been bad. said it was like an awful hangover. He is also detoxing from coffee so that’s not helping. After we had our evening juice, the Beyond Detox we both felt a lot better. But still not amazing.

There are coaching videos on the app that you are supposed to watch each morning. We had forgotten so watched them all last night. Jason talks about day 2 being the worst and having headaches etc. he also says the hunger isn’t real. You are getting enough nutrients and calories in the drinks so you shouldn’t be hungry. But as you are changing your diet drastically and you aren’t chewing your body craves food. And sugar, salt etc if you eat a lot of them. I agree there – I was craving McDonalds last night which I never eat!

The videos are really useful if you are doing this. Jason Vale is crazy enthusiastic. But it’s in a good way; he is very motivating and explains things really well. he also reiterates, its only 3 days, you are getting enough nutrients and by virtue of the fact that you can download an app, go out and buy all this produce and own a juicer, your life isn’t too bad!

Overall, day 2 was way harder than day 1. But this is normal and day 3 is supposed to be better again. Fingers crossed.

I am giving Day 2 a 7 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. One more day, whooooo!!

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  1. That’s ace – well done. It must help to have an app which guides you on what to expect – at least it validates how you felt yesterday! One more day. Do you think that you’ll add/subtract anything to your usual diet now?

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