Uneventful Running


It’s been a strange few running weeks recently: not having an upcoming event/race goal has changed my recent running habits.


On the one hand, there’s less pressure in working towards a time goal. It’s nice not to have to send myself out for hill sprints, or interval training, and it feels like a luxury to think ‘what shall i run today?


On the other hand, there’s much less structure, and if it’s too dark/windy/rainy/my lunch was too big then it’s easier to tell myself to stay indoors.


When you’re working towards something, at times it can sometimes feel like you’re taking all the fun out of something you enjoy. During my 9 mile run today, it was lovely to enjoy the weather, the scenery and the feeling of running for fun – even when I had a stitch from running too fast down a hill.


How nice was good ol’ Durham today?



However, reaching your goal on race day definitely makes up for all those tough training sessions, about 100 times over I’d say! And I really like having a goal to work towards: something to aim for, to try and beat your expectations. My first event next year is a 10k with my friends from school, and I’m so excited to run with them :)


Next year, when marathon training starts, I know I’ll have some challenges ahead. So for now, it’s really nice to be able to get in a few ‘junk miles’ and remind myself of why I started running: to keep fit, to get out in the fresh air in all seasons, and to enjoy some space with my thoughts. Because I can be very philosophical when I want to be.


This week, I did a total of 20 miles:

  • Monday: 3 miles to my Tempest running club, 3.5 miles with the club (10.4k)
  • Wednesday: 4.6 miles with the Striders (7.5k)
  • Saturday: 9 miles around Durham (15k)


We have had our dishwasher for one week now, and it has revolutinised the way we live. After 2.5 years without one, I had started to believe that these so-called machines that wash your dishes were a urban myth. Oh how my evenings have changed!


Apart from the washing machine, we have also put our Christmas decorations up. Life is much better when there’s a Christmas tree in your living room I reckon. Even though it’s still November.


How does everyone else find running without a race goal?


Ellie B





One thought on “Uneventful Running

  1. Hey, I can totally resonate with this aspect to running! I took the last few weeks off….it’s been a crazy month at work and I just felt like being lazy with running. Back on track this Monday. :)
    I read before that Jamie Oliver said the dishwasher is the best kitchen appliance hands down. Glad it’s changing your life! Tree looks lovey! :)

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