Splits Ahoy!


My Splits. I have been working on them for ages, but running and splits aren’t really complimentary exercises. As soon as I get all stretchy and bendy, I run and then my legs tighten right up. I always get really close, but I don’t manage the final little bit. They’ve been my New Year’s Resolution for two years now, and if I don’t get them this year, I’ll have to officially take ‘driven by goals and targets’ off my CV.


So to make sure I’m still a target-driven individual, I’m going to work on them in the final four weeks of 2013. It’s the perfect time as I don’t have many races to train for now. I have a DVD with a 30 day challenge which literally kicks my ass: it works out the abs and glutes as well as working on flexibility. Hopefully it will help my running muscles as they’ll get a good stretch. I started yesterday, and today is already a scheduled rest day – hurrah! Here’s how they looked yesterday:


Right leg


Left leg


Middle – my favourite. There is a gap still between me and the floor!

There’s only a little bit to go, but it feels like so far!!! At times like this I wish I still lived in a warmer climate…


On Sunday night we held the second Tempest Dance Studio competition. We had categories in pole and aerial hoop, and the standard was amazing. I was on judging duties again, and it was really hard as everyone was so impressive. My heart was in my throat whenever the contestants reached the top of the aerial hoop – it’s much scarier to watch than it is to do! Maybe their high standard is what awakened my interest in splits again. No, it’s definitely because I’m still goal driven.


The Gorgeous Sakura rocking the hoop


Today it is exactly three weeks until Christmas. Three weeks! Our tree has already been up for over a week, and we have some presents wrapped. I don’t know if I can last another three weeks to open them. At least now the rest of the country has caught up with us: the lights are up, and the classic tunes are playing in every shop.


And now, I’m off to my running club to do some track training. To tighten my glutes after yesterday’s splits action. 😉


Anyone who can do the splits – how can I get my back leg straighter? Does it come with time?????


Ellie B

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