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It’s nearly Christmas!!! With the heat here in Perth – it has been 38 degrees all this week – it is hard to get into the Christmas spirit. Despite that I’m doing my best with endless Christmas music on Spotify, Christmas shows on the Food network, hot chocolate and mince pies up to my eyeballs and movies galore. Hope you are all set for a great weekend. Franman is at a stag day on Saturday so I am enjoying a girly night with some pals; we’re going to a “latin American fusion” restaurant…..that’s just opened. I feel so trendy! J Here’s what made me stop and think this week.

Watch this video and tell me if you don’t cry – it’s just gorgeous!



How to recognise the artists of paintings – “Cliffs notes” for Art. J


I’m not a look alike; “Photographer Francois Brunelle is ‘fascinated’ by look-alikes or ‘doppelgangers’ and has set out to shoot 200 pictures of couples who, despite not sharing the same blood, have strikingly similar faces”.

These people are strangers!


50 Christmas Movies

Unfortunately my plan of watching all of these in December didn’t grab Franman like I hoped it would. :(


A conversation between Mindy Kaling & Lena Dunham – awesomeness.



My kids insane Christmas list – made me laugh so much.


Have a nice weekend. :)

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