That Friday Feeling


This is the penultimate (work) Friday in 2013!! Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me.


And so another week draws to a close. When I look back at what I’ve done this week, I’m pretty pleased:

  • Monday: 7k/4.3 miles with Tempest Runners in 41:27
  • Tuesday: splits & core training
  • Wednesday: track session with the Striders
  • Thursday: Christmas par-tay!!
  • Friday: 9k/5.5 miles around Durham in 46:35


Today it looked grey and bleak outside, and rain was on the forecast. I dragged myself out during my lunch break so that at least I could run in the light, and was pleasantly surprised: it was 13C!!  For those readers in Australia/South of England/anywhere warm, 13C is very unusual for the North East of England at this time of year. If anything it was too hot.


Mid-run, blurry, grey Durham. Still pretty though

On Wednesday I tackled the track. We did 0.5 mile warm up followed by 2 miles at a threshold pace. Then we did 4*200 metre repetition pace (R-pace: short, quick intervals) with 200m recovery. My 200m r-pace was 44 seconds on average. Track in the Winter is ace because it keeps you warm, and the changing paces etc occupies yourself from running around and around and around. Which, let’s face it, is not that exciting. One thing I need to work on is identifying the different feel of each pace, and track is a huge help with this.


Tonight SB is at his Christmas party. So I’m eating pizza, drinking beer and watching Dr Who. I know, I know, such a rock’n’roll life I lead. Does anyone else watch Dr Who? I used to watch it when I was little, but not since the modern ones. Like everything else (Harry Potter, gin & tonic), I’ve found this 7 years after everyone else, and will most probably make up for lost time with all the exuberance of a bull in a china shop.


Hope you’re all having a good Friday night!

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