Monday Night Pole-a-Rama


Tonight I re-kindled an old flame. A firm favourite. A reliable old pet. The Pole.


Honestly, I don’t know how we’ve only got 1 week left in 2013. Since June, it feels like time has been on double-speed, and I’ve not had time to catch up on Keeping up with the Kardashians let alone wave goodbye to the whole year.


Since the competition in July, pole has taken a backseat, what with my races, knee troubles, a little lack of confidence, and just…. you know, life. However, tonight the stars aligned: the studio was free as classes have finished for the year, SB is at a conference, and my head was brimming with ideas. I wanted to get back into the groove I’d fallen out of, and in particular work on two things: 1) getting my head round some moves that I’d seen, but not had the chance to practice properly, and 2) doing some freestyle, because my freestyle is the worst needs a little brushing up.


It was 90 minutes where form, technique, and rhythm weren’t important (and the latter was highly questionable!). And it was a success! I achieved two new moves, and did some improv to an Artic Monkeys song – where technique was definitely not a priority! 😉 And then at the end I did some splits work.




Soooo close….. Come on!!!!


It was a great session, and I’ve come home in a cloud of endorphins. I may even have put a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #beastmode. When you’ve just spent your Monday evening upside down, sometimes #beastmode is the only way to describe it.


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