Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!


That doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Dean Martin classic, does it?


This post comes to you from my mother-in-law’s cosy house, filled with decorations and good food. We have arrived for Christmas, and The Big Eat 2013 has well and truly begun! Today I had a plan to run at least 6.5k, but it’s awful outside. The rain is coming in horizontally, and the wind is howling even through the tightly closed window. Well, it actually sounds like a witch’s cackle, and there’s no way I’m going running if there’s danger of witches. That’s not being wussy, that’s just sensible.


So instead, I’ve been planning my running calendar for the first half of 2014. The Edinburgh marathon is on 25th May, and I’ve found a 16 week schedule which looks good. I counted back to the start date for the schedule, which is ….. the Sunday morning whilst I’m at a hen do. Fantastic timing. I guess there’s no better time than the very start of training to get used to saying no to all the fun stuff the unhealthy stuff!

 Just Say No

Until then, my aim is to build up my mileage so that I can comfortably run a good distance whilst being able to run throughout the week. I’ve lost this somewhat due to having no imminent goals, and it being really uninviting outside, but I’m sure it’ll come back! I also want to find a half marathon to run during the training period so that there’s not just one scary goal at the end.


So. Double Trouble Wednesday might have been a bit ambitious after all. I arrived at the athletics track ready to start round two of running, and this was the view that awaited me:


And then it started to rain. Hard. We had to run around the track doing the following:

  • 2 mins hard, 2 mins recovery
  • 1 min hard, 1 min recovery
  • 30 secs hard, 30 secs recover
  • repeat x5 (with no breaks I might add)

The 100m stretch where the wind was at your back was amazing. The 100m where the wind was in your face was not. We were in the middle of the second set, when a little SB-shape apparition appeared on my shoulder saying ‘don’t get a cold before Christmas, it won’t be very much fun’. In my mind I was thinking ‘yeah, but I’m not actually running that far…. I wrote I was going to do it on the blog…. and look how fast I’m going now! Some of that is me, not just the wind!’. In the end, I stopped half way through. I’d done 6 miles in total that day, my legs were tired and to be honest, it wasn’t any fun running in that weather!


Over the weekend, SB and I went to Stratford-upon-Avon and saw all the lights. This made me laugh: even the kebab shops in Stratford are in 500 year old buildings. Britain’s nicest Kebab shop!


And finally, it distresses me to tell you all that Kate Winslet has named her third child Bear. His name is Bear Rocknroll. She has always been such a role model, and I hate to see her finally losing touch with reality. Remember when she had bangers & mash at her wedding reception? I think those days are well in the past.


Does anyone know when is a good time to do a half marathon when you’re training for a full?


Ellie B




3 thoughts on “Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!

  1. Hey – what wild weather! You’re great to get out into it! I will send you the schedule of my program so you can see when the 1/2 was – by memory it was about 5 or 6 weeks out. I think I did one a few weeks in also. It’s a good gauge. What program are you doing? Have a fabulous xmas eve. Gill xxxx

  2. Oh….and Bear? Really? Is that the fool who changed his name to Rocknroll? You should be allowed thump people like that for free…..like your honour, he changed his name to Rocknroll, what do you recommend I do? And those people who wear Ralph Lauren polo shirts with the collars up…..they should be under the ‘free thump’ category too.

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