2013 Review

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Happy Christmas!! I hope it was a fab day for you.

2013 has been a big year. We bought a house! Nothing else quite signifies adulthood like buying a house. Now we can say things like ‘the fence needs replacing, but it’s their fence‘, and ‘this mortgage won’t pay itself’. I feel well and truly in the club.


In terms of sport, this year has also been a biggie for me. I made the Half Marathon my race of choice. I competed in a pole competition. I got the splits. Well, I will get the splits by 31st December! I was thinking what I was most proud of from this year, and here’s my list:


  • Proudest running experience: getting my PB of 1:41 at the Run to the Beat half marathon in September


Sprint finish!

  • Most challenging experience: continuing my pole dance routine in front of the judges and audience at the competition, when it was no where near as good as I wanted
  • Best dance experience: capturing my routine on video in rehearsals. You can see it here: it’s almost perfect!
  • Most fun running experience: doing my first 10k obstacle course at Total Warrior in August

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  • Proudest dance experience: seeing the students that I’ve helped teach compete in our studio dance competitions
  • Favourite running experience: doing a 10k trail race with SB in the Lake District in June


  • Favourite race of the year: Great North Run


Next year I’m planning on tackling the Marathon: it’s (sort of) been my white whale for too long now. Other goals include:

  • Putting a dance routine together with all new moves from 2013-2014
  • Doing the Great North Run again!
  • Getting a sub-1:40 half marathon
  • Getting my over-splits

I mean, you can see there’s a few recurring themes here. Hopefully it will be interesting blog-fodder so you keep returning!!


I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy the New Year celebrations.


See you in 2014!!!


Ellie B

3 thoughts on “2013 Review

  1. Good goals Ellie. What a good year! Just mapping my 4mile route for tomorrow morning… Starting to freak out about the 10k now. It’s pretty close! X

  2. Thanks Michelle! AGES til the 10k – 3 weeks! 2 weeks training and 1 week taper, that’s my plan. Even though the last week has been a taper of sorts…. 😉 xx

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