Back in the saddle



Ellie, thanks for holding the fort whilst I “insert excuse here” and was essentially too “insert synonym for lazy here” to write posts.

I used to think that I could only write a post if it contained a number of things. These included but were not limited to:

  • Numerous pictures of me and Franman doing very fun things
  • Training recaps where I did something different from the previous week and discovered the secret to running fast
  • Pictures of amazing meals I either cooked or ate at very fancy restaurants.
  • Many many paragraphs about worthy and interesting topics.

In the last few weeks I have thought a lot about what I want this blog to be for me (and Ellie) as opposed to thinking what I should write. Considering this blog is not required of us, nor is it work, I have decided I should write whatever I want. Whether this is mundane crap or not is beside the point. I don’t want to write a post about how to get faster that I essentially just copy and paste from a number of websites just because I think this is what I should write. So expect to see a lot more inane crap from me. If you thought it was all inane crap to this point well, sorry. J

I have read a few blogs on tumblr lately and I like the approach they take. It’s more of a diary format and a style that appeals to me. If I have something interesting to say that I think that people can learn from / be interested in I will say it, however if it’s just a picture of some awesome chocolate I discovered, well that’s what you will get.

On that note, has anyone used a spiralizer before?


I went to a raw café (which was awesome) with the baking jogger blogger (hereafter to be known as BJB…..she’ll appreciate the second B) this week where we had raw pasta and was inspired to buy one so I can be all fancy and make raw pasta…….I’m still looking at the box on the countertop and trying to explain to Franman why it’s not a very large grater machine. Any websites you would recommend for recipes?

This is what raw food should look like – we had raw pasta and raw pad thai. Which, if we’re honest, are really just 2 spruced up salads. But it’s raw and they call the courgettes pasta so we can all feel a little more smug about eating it. and pay that little bit more. I love the idea of raw food but eating it out is a bit of a con. A tasty con though.


Before the café we had a great morning. We went for a run and nattered nostop for 12km, BJB made us fab protein smoothies and showed off her new dehydrator she scored for $30 and then we went for a massage and a facial. This little girls treat day was all down to BJB; my ideas usually involve coffee and a bun. The pampering tied in nicely with one of my NY goals (it’s all goals and intentions these days, resolutions are so 2010) which is “WWLD”. That is “what would Liz do”. The Liz in question is Liz Hurley. I am the most low maintenance person when it comes to things like facials, massages, basic grooming so my new inspiration is Liz Hurley. I am not sure the woman knows what a tracksuit is and she definitely doesn’t know what a bird bath is.

I am off to eat the final mince pies of Christmas 2013…..have a good one. 

3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. Your day with BJB sounds amazing! Thank goodness for that extra B – it felt naughty writing it!

    My friend and I try to live by WWCJD – What Would CJ Do? Admittedly fewer facials, but generally kicking ass all over the place with her quick quips. I have far to go.


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