Zombies, Run!


Ages ago, my brother told me about an amazing running app. Basically, this app transports you to a zombie-infested land, and you have to run for your life, complete with zombie sound effects in your headphones. Sounds like just the thing to spice up my running life!


My bro and I at the Bristol 10k in 2011


I finally got around to buying it after Christmas when it was on sale at the app store for £1.99. I’ve been using it throughout January, and it’s even better than I first thought. Here’s the back story: you have crash landed sometime after a zombie apocalypse, and are taken in by a group of people who have avoided being attacked (so far….).


They need your running skills to go out into the danger zone to gather useful items like first aid kits, food and even sports bras. The app syncs with your playlist, and your new friends ‘talk’ to you through their radios in between songs. They guide you through the ‘town’, pointing out sites where you may find supplies, like the hospital, and where any zombies are hiding. Then, the next song begins and you have your very own soundtrack for this adventure.


Each time you run, the storyline and the community you’ve joined develops further, and you have different missions to complete. I think there’s also more of a gaming side to it, where you can decide how to distribute the goodies you’ve collected, and re-build your community. However, at the moment I’m more interested in the running experience.


At different times throughout your run, you will hear ‘warning, zombies approaching’, and radar beeps. As the zombies get closer, the beeps get faster and you have to really sprint to outrun them. You know you need to go faster if you can hear them groaning in your ear – they’re right behind you!! This is a great way to get running fast! It’s about a 2-300m sprint each time I’d say, and it’s much easier to push yourself when you imagine zombies are behind you.


You need to have more caution on these runs: because you’re involved in the storyline, you need to remember to stay alert to traffic. When you’re sprinting, and you come to a road, you can either:

  • stop and be eaten :(
  • continue running down the footpath you’re on, even though it may take you in a different direction you want 😀
  • run across the road and risk being run over :( :(


I would not advise option three, as the zombies are only a fictional hazard. Cars and traffic are real life hazards.


So far, I really enjoy running with it. It does take up a bit of space on your phone (I had to delete some prized photos of my food – yep, I’m that person), and of course it’s a distraction from the beauty of running itself: the air, the trees, your body, your breathing and so on. Plus, I feel like a bit of a technology slave each time I turn on my Garmin, Strava and Zombie’s Run app.


However, all that doesn’t matter because it’s really fun, and is a fab way to get a fast 6k done on a Winter’s evening!! As long as you don’t look behind you……..





I may have actually scared myself Googling for zombie images.

Ellie B

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